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To have your project reference an assembly, select the desired assembly from the list . If the assembly you want isn t in the list, click the Browse tab to navigate to the desired assembly (file containing a manifest) to add the assembly reference . The COM tab on the Add Reference dialog box allows an unmanaged COM server to be accessed from within managed source code via a managed proxy class automatically generated by Visual Studio . The Projects tab allows the current project to reference an assembly that is created by another project in the same solution . The Recent tab allows you to select an assembly that you recently added to another project . To make your own assemblies appear in the .NET tab s list, add the following subkey to the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\.NETFramework\AssemblyFolders\MyLibName MyLibName is a unique name that you create Visual Studio doesn t display this name . After creating the subkey, change its default string value so that it refers to a directory path (such as C:\Program Files\MyLibPath) containing your assembly s files . Using HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE adds the assemblies for all users on a machine; use HKEY_CURRENT_USER instead to add the assemblies for a specific user .
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Refining Use Cases with Sequence Diagrams
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Using DNS Troubleshooting Tools
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The following query returns customers with their order IDs (just as an inner join with the same ON clause would ), but it also returns a row for each customer with no orders because the keyword LEFT identi es the Customers table as preserved:
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Pair Programming
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SELECT dbo.SQLSig (N'SELECT * FROM dbo.T1 WHERE col1 = 3 AND col2 > 78', 4000);
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Publishing and Activation
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The first step in writing your custom client-side validation is to define a JavaScript function inside your webpage HTML source (not the code-behind). This function must have the following method signature.
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c. <asp:Label runat="server" BackColor="#FFE0C0" ForeColor="Red"></asp:Label> D. <asp:Label BackColor="#FFE0C0" ForeColor="Red"></asp:Label>
1 2 3 Massacre Bay Maniac Hill Lunatic Lake 52.8266667 51.9583333 51.9402778 173.22 177.5097222 177.4708333
You carry out the following tasks for each PC on your list:
Networked two computers, named Computer1 and Computer2, each running Microsoft Windows Server 2003. Computer1 should be assigned a static address of, and Computer2 should be configured to obtain an address auto matically. Computer2 should also have an alternate configuration address of A separate phone line available to each computer (Recommended). Two Internet service provider (ISP) accounts, or one account that can can legally be used to connect two separate computers to the Internet simultaneously. (Rec ommended). Installed a DNS server on Computer1, which hosts an Active Directory integrated primary zone named domain1.local. Configured Computer1 as a domain controller in the domain1.local domain and Computer2 as a member of the domain. The domain functional level should be Windows 2000 mixed. Installed a DHCP server on Computer1. The DHCP server should be authorized in the domain and include the scope Test Scope whose IP address range is Through DHCP options, the scope assigns a router (gateway) of, a DNS server of, and a DNS domain name of domain1.local. The scope should be activated. Computer2 should have received its current IP configuration from this DHCP server.
3. Format the remaining line of target data at your discretion, but note that the effect of this data is to be clearly the center of attention . Press the F9 key several times to test the results both data series change and consequently simulate any possible data constellations and change the formatting if the results don t meet your approval or requirements . The second example (variant in the Mix 2 worksheet) is similar to the base type, but focuses on other aspects and therefore uses different formatting . The target data is constant, while you can vary the actual data by pressing the F9 key . Here, it is assumed that the target data (originating from vague revenue planning) is not of particular importance and not necessary as in the first example; it is more a wishful thinking than a target . It is good if the demand has been met every month; it is better if it has been exceeded, and it was bad luck or the weather if it was fallen below . The view particularly focuses on the actual data: what happened and, in addition, how does it meet our ideas . The optical stress of the actual columns with their bold borders and 3-D bevel is clearly more distinguishable than the subtle target line . This is only a line from the technical point of view; in reality, it is perceived as points with a tiny stick or small circles that are in front of or directly in the columns . This effect was achieved:
The Physical Path settings of the Web site and its virtual directories, along with the user account used to access the physical path, can be found in the applicationHost.config XML file at the following location:
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