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Java Example of Using the Default Case to Detect Errors Good Practice
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34. Themes in Software Craftsmanship
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Figure 11-1 shows the query plan for SELECT * FROM LINEITEMPART in SQL Server 2005.
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System.Net.WebClient System.Web.WebRequest System.Web.WebResponse System.Net.IPAddress System.Net.IPAddress System.Net.IPAddress System.Net.IPEndPoint N/A System.Net.Sockets.UdpClient System.Net.SocketPermission System.Net.WebPermission N/A System.Net.NetworkCredential System.Net.Sockets.TcpListener System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient System.Net.SocketAddress N/A System.Net.SocketPermission System.Net.WebPermission System.Uri System.Uri N/A System.Net.WebClient System.Web.WebRequest System.Web.WebResponse System.Uri System.Uri N/A
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If you enter a formula incorrectly, SharePoint returns an error page that says the following:
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Figure A-3. The 4-by-4 square
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You ll notice that the code for Match is almost identical to the code for Equals (discussed in 6); that is, in both, you must cast carefully and you must remember to call the base type s Match method if appropriate. If you define a custom attribute and you don t override the Match method, you ll inherit the implementation of Attribute s Match method. This implementation simply calls Equals.
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Graph theory is one of the most powerful theories in mathematics. It was developed by Leonhard Euler when he was studying a famous historical mathematical problem called The Seven Bridges of K nigsberg. Here s a short description of the problem from Wikipedia: The city of K nigsberg in Prussia (now Kaliningrad, Russia) was set on both sides of the Pregel River, and included two large islands which were connected to each other and the mainland by seven bridges. The problem was to nd a walk through the city that would cross each bridge once and only once. In graph theory, a graph is a set of items (called nodes or vertices) and connections (called edges) between pairs of items. The nodes are abstract static items, and the edges can represent associations or relationships between nodes. A road system, for example, can be represented with a graph: cities are nodes, and roads are edges. Trees and hierarchies are special cases of graphs. In a relation, we commonly model a graph with the adjacency list model. In this model, we consider the graph s edges as directed edges from one vertex to another, and we represent these directed edges as tuples. The nodes connected by an edge (which can be viewed as adjacent by virtue of the edge connecting them) are represented by attributes of the edge tuple. Only nodes with a connection are represented. The problem with the adjacency list model comes when you have to query it. For example, if you need to nd all possible paths from city A to city B in the road system, your query must involve some kind of loop. (The loop can be hidden in a recursive common table expression, but it s still a loop.) To make such queries faster and simpler, we can use a new relational operator, the
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710 ChAPTER 12
Two other collection interfaces are worth noting: IList and IDictionary. These provide the foundation for indexed array collections (such as ArrayList) and key/value collections (such as Hashtable). We'll discuss the classes that implement these interfaces in the next section.
This chapter describes how the Surveys application uses data. It first describes the data model used by the Surveys application and then discusses why the team at Tailspin chose this particular approach with reference to a number of specific scenarios in the application. It also describes how the developers ensured the testability of their solution. Finally, it describes how and why the application uses SQL Azure .
Remote access policies are an ordered set of rules that define how connections are either accepted or rejected. For connections that are accepted, remote access policies can also define connection restrictions. For each rule, there are one or more conditions, a set of profile settings, and a remote access permission setting. Connection attempts are evaluated against the remote access policies in order to determine whether the connection attempt matches all the conditions of each policy. If the connection attempt does not match all the conditions of any policy, the connection attempt is rejected. If a connection matches all the conditions of a remote access policy and is granted remote access permission, the remote access policy profile specifies a set of connection restrictions. The dial-in properties of the user account also provide a set of restrictions. Where applicable, user account connection restrictions override the remote access policy profile connection restrictions.
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The code that will provide the backing for the component is contained in the file Home.java. The Home class provides one simple method called getTime, which returns a new java.util. Date object as shown in Listing 7-2. Listing 7-2. Java Class Extending BasePage, Which Implements IPage package com.integrallis.time; import java.util.Date; import org.apache.tapestry.html.BasePage;
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