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You draw a rectangle like this:
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Category Option Set Values
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If you didn t choose to create a link between the Excel and SharePoint lists when you published the list, you can modify the data in either list without impacting the other list. If you created a link, you can modify the data in either list and then synchronize the lists to update the data in both lists.
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Notice what is not on the list of required hardware a oppy drive! Finally, in Windows Server 2008, we can get rid of the oppy requirement, even if we need to load drivers for our hard disk controller. Drivers can now be loaded from CD or DVD, from a USB ash drive, or from oppy disk.
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The size of public keys makes them difficult to work with. To make things easier for the developer (and for end users too), public key tokens were created. A public key token is a 64 bit hash of the public key. SN.exe s tp switch shows the public key token that corresponds to the complete public key at the end of its output. Now that you know how to create a public/private key pair, creating a strongly named assembly is simple. You just apply an instance of the System.Reflection.AssemblyKeyFileAttribute attribute to your source code:
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For details on making requirements stable, see Section 3.4, Requirements Prerequisite. For details on variations in development approaches, see Section 3.2, Determine the Kind of Software You re Working On.
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Figure 11.2 The client, Web server, and Windows Media server relationship. What Is a Windows Media Server A Windows Media server is a computer on which Windows Media Services has been installed. Windows Media Services is software that is specifically designed to deliver Windows Media content across a network or the Internet. Windows Media Services is
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Figure 13-6 The properties dialog box is similar to the Adanced Sharing dialog box, except you access share permissions on a separate tab instead of clicking the Permissions button. The Security tab lets you iew and set NTFS permissions.
A templated custom web control provides separation of control data from its presentation. This means that a templated control does not provide a default UI. For example, if you know that you need to display product data, but you don t know how the developer who intends to use your control wants to format the product data, you could create a templated control called ProductControl that allows the page designer to supply the format for the product data as a template. A templated control must provide a naming container and a class with properties and methods that are accessible to the host page. The template contains the UI for the templated web server control and is supplied by the page developer at design time. The templates can contain controls and markup. You can create a templated control by following these steps:
Enter your Organization s Name, Phone Number, Fax Number, and Address for the fax cover page. Click Next. Enter the Fax Header Text that will print on faxes you send (Figure 13-12). Click Next.
retrieving xml data
The following questions are intended to reinforce key information presented in this lesson. If you are unable to answer a question, review the lesson materials and try the question again. You can find answers to the questions in the Questions and Answers section at the end of this chapter. 1. What does the local host use to determine the destination network ID of a partic ular packet a. The IP header b. The subnet mask c. The address class
Configuring and Managing Remote Access
internal class Node { protected Node m_next; public Node(Node next) { m_next = next; } } internal sealed class TypedNode<T> : Node { public T m_data; public TypedNode(T data) : this(data, null) { } public TypedNode(T data, Node next) : base(next) { m_data = data; } public override String ToString() { return m_data.ToString() + ((m_next != null) m_next.ToString() : String.Empty); } }
The test condition supports logical operators and brackets to enable complex conditions to be represented. The supported logical operators available are described in Table 6-3.
obtains access to your keys, they can use them to decrypt your data. Therefore, to protect the keys, the key files are encrypted automatically using the Windows Data Protection application programming interface (DPAPI), which relies on either a machine key or a user key that is auto-generated by the operating system. If you lose a key file, or if a malicious user or attacker damages it, you will be unable to decrypt the data you encrypted with that key. Therefore, ensure that you protect your key files from malicious access, and keep backup copies. In particular, protect your keys with access control lists (ACL) that grant only the necessary permissions to the identities that require access to the key file, and avoid allowing remote debugging if the computer runs in a high-risk environment (such as a Web server that allows anonymous access). For more information on DPAPI, and a description of how it works, see Windows Data Protection at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms995355.aspx.
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