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The so-called open schema solution is quite popular . In this solution, you have the main Products table with common attributes . Then you add an Entity-Attribute-Value (EAV) table, which has three columns: product ID, attribute name, and attribute value . This is a completely dynamic solution, and is quite simple . However, with this solution you cannot easily use declarative constraints . With a single EAV table, the attribute value column is either character or variant data type . In addition, you have to prevent the insertion of meaningless attributes, or binding attributes to products for which the attributes are meaningless . You can create an EAV table for every data type of attributes you need to solve the data type problems . You can add an additional table that holds valid combinations of products and attributes . You can add additional constraints using triggers, middle tier code, or client code . Whatever you do, your solution is not that simple anymore . Your database design does not reflect the business problem anymore; you do not design a database from logical point of view, you design it from a physical point of view . Because of this last fact, I would hardly call this solution relational . Note that I am not saying that if you use such a solution, you have to modify it . In the past, this was probably the best option you had if you needed dynamic schema . However, nowadays I prefer the solution I am going to introduce at the end of this section . Finally, if you use SQL Server 2005 or later, you could even create your own CLR user-defined type (UDT) that would store a dynamic .NET collection . For example, you could use the Dictionary .NET collection . Then you could allow users to add elements to the dictionary object dynamically . You could build all kinds of constraints into your data type . Although I like CLR UDTs, and I used one to help solve temporal data problems in the previous chapter, I am not too keen on this solution for dynamic schema . It is not a standard solution; except for your application, every single application must learn to work with your UDT . In addition, this is not a simple solution; writing a good UDT with all kinds of constraints can be a very challenging task . Finally, it can be challenging to upgrade the UDT over time . What if constraints that are built into the type change
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Direct Use of Global Data node= node.next node = node.next node = node.next event = eventQueue[ queueFront ] event = eventQueue[ queueBack ] Use of Global Data Through Access Routines account = NextAccount( account ) employee = NextEmployee( employee ) rateLevel = NextRateLevel( rateLevel ) event = HighestPriorEvent() event = LowestPriorityEvent()
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Once created in the DNS console, a CNAME resource record that maps the alias ftp.lucernepublishing.com to the host name ftp1.lucernepublishing.com would be rep resented textually within the lucernepublishing.com.dns zone file as follows:
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What's in a Number
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EXEC dbo.GetOrders '99991231'; GO DECLARE @query_plan AS NVARCHAR(MAX); SET @query_plan = CAST( (SELECT query_plan FROM sys.dm_exec_query_stats AS QS CROSS APPLY sys.dm_exec_sql_text(QS.sql_handle) AS ST CROSS APPLY sys.dm_exec_query_plan(QS.plan_handle) AS QP WHERE SUBSTRING(ST.text, (QS.statement_start_offset/2) + 1, ((CASE statement_end_offset WHEN -1 THEN DATALENGTH(ST.text) ELSE QS.statement_end_offset END - QS.statement_start_offset)/2) + 1 ) LIKE N'%SELECT orderid, custid, empid, orderdate /* 33145F87-1109-4959-91D6-F1EC81F8428F */ FROM Sales.Orders WHERE orderdate >= @odate;%' AND ST.text NOT LIKE '%sys%') AS NVARCHAR(MAX)); EXEC sp_create_plan_guide @name = N'PG_GetOrders_Selective', @stmt = N'SELECT orderid, custid, empid, orderdate /* 33145F87-1109-4959-91D6-F1EC81F8428F */ FROM Sales.Orders WHERE orderdate >= @odate;', @type = N'OBJECT', @module_or_batch = N'dbo.GetOrders', @hints = @query_plan;
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Here you can see the size (in bytes) of the file and the size (in bytes and percentages) of the various parts that make up the file. For this very small App.cs application, the PE header and the metadata occupy the bulk of the file s size. In fact, the IL code occupies just 18 bytes. Of course, as an application grows, it will reuse most of its types and references to other types and assemblies, causing the metadata and header information to shrink considerably as compared to the overall size of the file.
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The benefit of inheritance is that classes lower down the hierarchy get the features of those higher up, but can also add specific features of their own. The basic all living things class is so generic that the only functionality you could give to it is a basic living or dead method. However, at the animal level, you could add methods such as eat, excrete, or breathe. At the human level you d inherit all this functionality but be able to add human methods and qualities such as sing, dance, and love. Ruby s inheritance features are similarly simple. Any class can inherit the features and functionality of another class, but a class can inherit only from a single other class. Some other languages support multiple inheritance, a feature that allows classes to inherit features from multiple classes, but Ruby doesn t support this. Multiple inheritance can cause some confusing situations for instance, classes could inherit from one another in an endless loop and the efficacy of multiple inheritance is debatable. Let s look at how inheritance works in code form: class ParentClass def method1 puts "Hello from method1 in the parent class" end def method2 puts "Hello from method2 in the parent class" end end class ChildClass < ParentClass def method2 puts "Hello from method2 in the child class" end end my_object = ChildClass.new my_object.method1
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remote access clients. Deploying the intranet network infrastructure for remote access VPN connections consists of the following:
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Stark Choices
You have arrived at the last part programming arithmetic operations . The use of #region and #endregion here allows you to collapse this section of code in the Visual Studio interface .
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Puzzle 4: Then There Were Five
Do your storyboard sketches show clearly: Where your Act I, Key Point, Explanation, and Detail slides are How you tell your story across frames, at each level of the storyboard Which graphics that you ll use Where you will use interaction, props, and other media
Sale Dates and Tax Received for Some Sales
Status Reason values
The LoggingAndTracing aspect shows the basic functionality that can be achieved with AspectJ by modularizing a concern. But to do anything complex with AOP, you need good tool support. Understanding the effects of aspects on your program is indispensable when working with AOP. The AspectJ Development Tools (AJDT) are a collection of Eclipse plug-ins that provides tool support for editing, building, and debugging AspectJ applications. The easiest way to install the AJDT plug-in is to use the Eclipse software updates feature. To do this select Help Software Updates Find and Install. Select Search for new features to install and click Next. Add a new remote update site by selecting New Remote Site. In the dialog enter AJDT for the name and http://download.eclipse.org/technology/ajdt/31/ update for the location. AJDT adds decorations related to AspectJ to the Eclipse gutter. For example, in Figure 10-3 we can see the decoration (a curved arrow pointing to the left) related to the before advice of the LoggingAndTracing aspect. If you hover over the decoration you can see a pop-up balloon indicating the number of AspectJ markers.
You are a web developer at Contoso Ltd., a pharmaceutical company. As you are working on an existing website, you notice that there are several areas in which customer information is displayed throughout the site. After additional investigation, you notice that the customer information needs to be rendered uniquely in many of the areas in which it is defined. You want to provide a common control that can be used within this site to display this customer information. Answer the following questions related to how you will develop the control.
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