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Hash Algorithm : 0x00008004 Major Version: 0x00000000 Minor Version: 0x00000000 Build Number: 0x00000000 Revision Number: 0x00000000 Locale: <null> Flags : [SideBySideCompatible] (00000000) This portion of the MSIL code describes the single assembly that makes up the HelloDotNet application. So how does this approach differ from COM components First, COM components envisioned a world in which each machine could hold only a single version of a component that implemented a particular interface. The .NET Framework embraces the idea of side-by-side execution. Multiple versions of an assembly can coexist, and both the developer and the system administrator have some control over which
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In addition to the applications in the above list, Windows Vista also includes a Media Sharing feature, which allows you to designate some or all of the media files stored in your library for sharing with other computers and devices on your network. Throughout this chapter, we assume you ve correctly installed and configured all the hardware necessary to use the features under discussion, including sound cards, speakers, DVD burners, and TV tuners.
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This code yields the following output:
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Creating the Personalization Database
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Transparent IntelliSense Mode
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Figure 10-19 Here you can define as many languages as you want .
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Configuring Access Beyond the Remote Access Server. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-40
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data = ReadData(); results = CalculateResultsFromData( data ); PrintResults( results );
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to the <system.Web> section of the Web.config file. Additionally, you need to set allowAnonymous="true" for each variable that anonymous users will access.
From the time that Windows Small Business Server 2008 is rst installed and running on your existing SBS network, you have a maximum of 21 days to complete the migration. Required tasks listed in the Migration Wizard must be completed in the order listed. Optional tasks can be completed later because the other tasks in the task list are not dependent on them. The tasks in the Migration Wizard are listed in Table 7-2.
To rearrange columns in the list, click a column header to select the column. Point to the column header, and when the pointer changes to a four-headed arrow, drag the column to a new position.
More Realistic Visual Basic Code That Uses Early Exits to Clarify the Nominal Case
Objective 4.4 Answers 1.
After you close the Add To Library dialog box, even if you made no changes, Windows Media Player searches through all folders listed in the Add To Library dialog box. You can close this dialog box and the search will continue in the background.
In recent versions, Visual Basic has tried to become a more object-oriented language, with some success. To be considered object oriented, a language must meet three primary requirements. The language must be polymorphic, meaning that you can call a method of an object and, depending on the exact type of the object, different underlying methods are called. A second requirement for a language to be considered object oriented is encapsulation. Encapsulation means that there is a separation between what the object exposes and the internal workings of the object. For example, if an object exposes a collection of strings, it shouldn t expose details of implementation, such as whether the collection of strings is stored in an array, a linked list, or a stack. Perhaps the most important requirement is inheritance. Inheritance is the ability to derive one type from another. For example, given a simple class Public Class Base Public Function foo
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