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By using IPSec, L2TP/IPSec-based VPN connections provide data confidenti
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// This works because all of the objects are of the same anonymous type var people = new[] { o1, // From earlier in this section new { Name = "Kristin", Year = 1970 }, new { Name = "Aidan", Year = 2003 }, new { Name = "Grant", Year = 2008 } };
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Flow Control
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This is a test As you can see, you can include module methods in the current scope, even if you re not directly within a class. Somewhat like a class, though, you can use the methods directly: AnotherModule.do_stuff Therefore, include takes a module and includes its contents into the current scope. Ruby comes with several modules by standard that you can use. For example, the Kernel module contains all the standard commands you use in Ruby (such as load, require, exit, puts, and eval) without getting involved with objects or classes. None of those methods are taking place directly in the scope of an object (as with the methods in your own programs), but they re special methods that get included in all classes (including the main scope), by default, through the Kernel module. However, of more interest to us are the modules Ruby provides that you can include in your own classes to gain more functionality immediately. Two such modules are Enumerable and Comparable.
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Fields, constructors, methods, properties, events, and nested types can all be defined as members within a type . The FCL contains a type called System.Reflection.MemberInfo . This class is an abstract base class that encapsulates a bunch of properties common to all type members . Derived from MemberInfo are a bunch of classes; each class encapsulates some more properties related to a specific type member . Figure 23-1 shows the hierarchy of these types .
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Creating and Watching Moies and DVDs
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Figure 7-13 Viewing new Windows Firewall configuration rules.
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Windows 2000,
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WebRequest and WebResponse
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DefaultBinder object . Type offers a public, static, read-only property, DefaultBinder, that
indicate that the markup in the file is a user control.
General Control Issues
Transaction Context
Chart Area
Transfer limitations If the ISP has a monthly data transfer limit, make sure that the limit isn t lower than your anticipated usage charges for going beyond the limit can be signi cant. Web hosting If you want the ISP to host the organization s Internet Web site, look for virtual hosting (so that your organization can use its own domain name) with enough disk space on the ISP s Web servers. Backup Internet connection If your business is dependent on always being connected to the Internet, choose a secondary Internet connection with suf cient bandwidth to allow you to limp along in case the primary Internet connection fails. This second Internet connection should use a different ISP and a different connection technology. You can use a dual WAN router to use both connections simultaneously.
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a. Deploy Active Directory directory service. b. Configure RIP to use autostatic routes. c. Configure RIP neighbors. d. Configure peer filtering. e. Configure route filtering. 2. How can you ensure that only members of the R&D Subnet 2 can access the route to the new secure subnet a. Deploy OSPF on the network and configure the router connected to the secure subnet as an area border router. b. Configure peer filtering on the router connected to the secure subnet. c. Encrypt the routes using MPPE. d. Do not deploy a routing protocol on the router connected to the secure subnet. Configure workstations in R&D Subnet 2 with static routes to the secure subnet. 3. A team of 20 of Fabrikam s scientists are conducting research for 10 months in Ottawa, Ontario. They have set up a computer network that they want to connect periodically to the main office in Ithaca. How can you ensure that the incoming calls you receive to the network router at the main office are in fact originating from the router at the temporary Ottawa office a. Configure the answering router at the Ithaca office to authenticate all incom ing calls. b. Configure callback on the answering router at the Ithaca office. c. Configure callback on the calling router at the Ottawa office. d. Disable autostatic routes on both routers.
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