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The code then waits until you press a key again, at which point it exits from the using clause that created the TransactionScope, and the transaction is no longer in scope. As the code did not call the Complete method of the TransactionScope to preserve the changes in the database, they are rolled back automatically. To prove that this is the case, the code displays the values of the rows in the database again. This is the complete output from the example.
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Setting Up a Small Network download
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session key In Internet Protocol Security (IPSec), a value that is used in combination with an algorithm to encrypt or decrypt data that is transferred between comput ers. A session key is created for every pair of computers to provide enhanced security on computers that have multiple simultaneous active sessions. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) A network protocol used to manage TCP/IP networks. In Windows, the SNMP service is used to provide status information about a host on a TCP/IP network. smart card A credit card sized device that is used with an access code to enable certif icate-based authentication and single sign-on to the enterprise. Smart cards securely store certificates, public and private keys, passwords, and other types of personal information. A smart card reader attached to the computer reads the smart card. sniffer An application or device that can read, monitor, and capture network data exchanges and read network packets. If the packets are not encrypted, a sniffer provides a full view of the data inside the packet. socket An identifier for a particular service on a particular node on a network. The socket consists of a node address and a port number, which identifies the service. For example, port 80 on an Internet node indicates a Web server. Two kinds of sockets exist: streams (bidirectional) and datagrams. stand-alone certificate authority with Active Directory. A certificate authority (CA) that is not integrated
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Deploying Site-to-Site VPNs |
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In Solution Explorer, right-click the root of your website. Select Add ASP.NET Folder, and then select App_GlobalResources. This will add a folder of the same name to the root of your site. Next, right-click the App_GlobalResources folder, and then select Add New Item. In the Add New Item dialog box, select Resource File. In the Name text box, type any file name with a .resx extension. For example, you could name your global resource file SharedLocalizedText.resx. Click Add to add the resource file to your site. Open the new resource file in Visual Studio. Visual Studio displays a table-like format for adding and editing resources. From here you can add strings, images, icons, audio, files, and other resources (see the Note on the next page). Remember, this is your default resource file (based on the naming convention). Therefore, you add items here that are meant to be in the default language and culture (when no language-specific resource file version is found).
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CLR Term
.net data matrix reader
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Appendix A
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C++ Example of Appropriate Use of a while Loop
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As shown in Figure 1-10, the IP address of a computer is assigned automatically in a default Windows installation. For a new computer on a network, or for a network on which no DHCP server has been configured, the computer assigns itself an IP address in the range of This address is available through a feature called Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA). code 128 font
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Hyper-V supports a maximum of four processors and 64 GB of RAM per VM. On host computers with fewer than four processors, you ll be limited to the number of logical processors on the host itself. And you need to be careful not to over-specify the RAM for VMs on a physical computer. You need to leave at least 500 MB of RAM for the host partition, plus a bit (less than 100 MB) per running VM.
Planning the Rest of Your Slides
The result on a lead record should be the same. However, we have now established a master style sheet that we can update independently of the webpages that reference it.
2 Setup and Common Tasks
Standard INSERT Commands
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