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14 Workflow Processes
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The obvious changes between using the Socket class instead of TcpListener have largely to do with convenience:
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// does very little on the stack (something like 8-16 bytes), it's // worth Russinovich's you // what they see. // The only problem is that I can't even be sure there's enough // room on the stack to convert the instruction pointer. // often. Fortunately, EXCEPTION_STACK_OVERFLOW be wondering why I doesn't don't happen the very new a shot. You can have your users download Mark
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ASP.NET 2.0 Components in the WebHost Platform
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Table 4-1. Comparison of Package and Namespace Keywords
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void M3() { Employee e; Int32 year; e = new Manager(); e = Employee.Lookup("Joe"); year = e.GetYearsEmployed(); e.GenProgressReport(); }
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On a multiprocessor system running the server version of the execution engine (MSCorSvr.dll), the managed heap is split into several sections, one per CPU. When a garbage collection is initiated, the garbage collector has one thread per CPU; each thread collects its own section in parallel with the other threads. Parallel collections work well for server applications where the worker threads tend to exhibit uniform behavior. The workstation version of the execution engine (MSCorWks.dll) 388
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ICS has one nice feature that NAT does not: when configured on a dial-up con nection, ICS does not answer incoming calls. In contrast, if you configure NAT through a demand-dial interface, that interface instructs the modem to answer incoming calls after only two rings. This limitation can be annoying, particularly if you use one phone line for both a shared Internet connection and voice calls. In this case, if you do not pick up after only one ring, the modem is likely to screech just as you start talking to your caller and destroy any possibility of a pleasant chat. If you cannot use ICS but still want to use the same phone line for the Internet connection as for voice calls, you can edit the Registry to pick up the phone after a high number of rings. To perform this task, open the Registry Editor and add a REG_DWORD value called NumberOfRings to the following Registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ RasMan\Parameters You can set this value anywhere between 0 and 20. In a future service pack, the 0 value might stop the modem from answering at all, but for now, it produces the same behavior as the 2 value does. If you want to stop the modem from intercept ing voice calls, the best you can do is set the NumberOfRings value to 20. It s not a perfect solution, but then again, any caller rude enough to let your phone ring 20 times without hanging up probably deserves to be screeched at.
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Using Canvas
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To create a subscription so that specified events on a source computer are copied to a log file on your computer, follow these steps. (Again, these steps are for a computer in a workgroup; the comparable process on a domain computer is a bit simpler.) 1. In Event Viewer s console tree, select Subscriptions. 2. In the Action pane (or on the Action menu), click Create Subscription.
public DataTableReader GetDataReader();
In the result shown here, take note of two things. The rst noticeable item is that PropTwo doesn t have a value; this is because PropThree did not have a value when it was populated. The other signi cant observation here is that PropFour was successfully populated with the value from PropThree. This is because the declaration of PropFour occurs after the de nition for PropThree. Now let s take a look at the same example, using items instead of properties. The following contents are taken from the Eval02.proj le.
11. XML Processing
Host Credential Authorization Protocol (HCAP) is provided for interoperability with Cisco s Network Access Control technology. NPS provides the Extended State and Policy Expiration attributes in network policy for Cisco integration.
element in the original XML document is mapped to a particular .NET Framework class with its own set of properties and methods. Each element can be reached from the parent and can access all of its children and siblings. Element-specific information such as contents and attributes are available via properties. Any change you enter is applied immediately, but only in memory. The XmlDocument class does provide an I/O interface to load from, and save to, a variety of storage media, including disk files. Subsequently, all the changes to constituent elements of an XML DOM tree are normally persisted all at once. Note The W3C DOM Level 1 Core and Level 2 Core do not yet mandate an official API for serializing documents to and from XML format. Such an API will come only with the DOM Level 3 specification, which at this time is only a working draft.
N/A N/A N/A System.Windows.Forms.Button System.Windows.Forms.CheckBox N/A System.Windows.Forms.ColorDialog System.Windows.Forms.ComboBox System.Windows.Forms.UserControl System.Windows.Forms.Control N/A System.Windows.Forms.CommonDialog System.Windows.Forms.TextBoxBase System.Windows.Forms.OpenFileDialog System.Windows.Forms.SaveFileDialog System.Windows.Forms.RichTextBox System.Windows.Forms.Form N/A System.Windows.Forms.Label System.Windows.Forms.LinkLabel N/A System.Windows.Forms.ListBox N/A System.Windows.Forms.MainMenu System.Windows.Forms.MenuItem N/A System.Windows.Forms.Panel System.Windows.Forms.TextBox System.Windows.Forms.ContextMenu N/A System.Windows.Forms.StatusBar System.Windows.Forms.RadioButton N/A N/A System.Windows.Forms.HScrollBar System.Windows.Forms.VScrollBar System.Windows.Forms.Panel N/A System.Windows.Forms.Trackbar System.Windows.Forms.DomainUpDown System.Windows.Forms.NumericUpDown System.Windows.Forms.Splitter
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