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The BBP Storyboard Formatter on the companion CD includes built-in layouts that you apply to your Key Point, Explanation, and Detail slides. These were built using the custom layouts feature in PowerPoint 2007, which is described in more detail in 8 you ll be able to modify the current custom layouts at that point, or add new ones and apply them to your slides. The Key Point and Explanation slides also have background styles applied to them as part of the Storyboard Formatter custom theme that is included with the storyboard formatter. Learn more about modifying and creating themes manually by referring to a PowerPoint 2007 book that covers the topic in more detail.
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triple DES (3DES) An implementation of Data Encryption Standard (DES) encryp tion that employs three iterations of cryptographic operations on each segment of data. Each iteration uses a 56-bit key for encryption, which yields 168-bit encryp tion for the data. Although 3DES is slower than DES because of the additional cryptographic calculations, its protection is far stronger than DES. tunnel A logical connection over which data is encapsulated. Typically, both encap sulation and encryption are performed, and the tunnel is a private, secure link between a remote user or host and a private network. tunnel server A server or router that terminates tunnels and forwards traffic to the hosts on the target network.
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Mon Nov 10 01:02:00 +0000 2003 Chronic.parse will return nil if a date or time isn t recognized.
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c. Add the group element to your profile property. Add one element to the group
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Updating custom entity icons
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ListBoxProducts . The code-beside file then implements the URL mapping functionality in the Page_Load handler, as shown here:
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To limit the result set to leaf employees under the given root, simply add a filter with a NOT EXISTS predicate to select only employees that are not managers of other employees: SELECT empid FROM dbo.fn_subordinates1(3) AS P WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM dbo.Employees AS C WHERE c.mgrid = P.empid);
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SET NOCOUNT ON; USE tempdb; GO IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.Employees') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE dbo.Employees; GO CREATE TABLE dbo.Employees ( empid INT NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY NONCLUSTERED, mgrid INT NULL REFERENCES dbo.Employees, empname VARCHAR(25) NOT NULL, salary MONEY NOT NULL, lvl INT NOT NULL, path VARCHAR(900) NOT NULL UNIQUE CLUSTERED ); CREATE UNIQUE INDEX idx_unc_mgrid_empid ON dbo.Employees(mgrid, empid); GO
Table 7 3 shows the predefined attributes that can be applied to a field. Table 7 3: Predefined Attributes for Fields CLR Term Static C# Term static Visual Basic Term Shared Description The field is part of the type s state as opposed to being part of an object s state. The field can be written to only by code contained in a constructor method.
T-SQL Support
It should be noted that it is illegal to define a type in which a reference type and a value type overlap . It is possible to define a type in which multiple reference types overlap at the same starting offset; however, this is unverifiable . It is legal to define a type in which multiple value types overlap; however, all of the overlapping bytes must be accessible via public fields for the type to be verifiable .
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The Deny ACE does not prevent you from deleting a junction, but you should never perform such a deletion unless you absolutely know what you are doing . Although a junction looks like an ordinary shortcut in Windows Explorer, it s not what it appears to be . Deleting a shortcut deletes a pointer, leaving the pointee unchanged . Deleting a junction has the same effect as deleting the location to which it points .
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