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ASSERT ( SUCCEEDED ( hr ) ) ; } // Grab the synchronization object to block other threads from // getting to this point. EnterCriticalSection ( &g_cCS.m_CritSec ) ; // The buffer to hold the expression message. TCHAR szBuffer[ 2048 ] ; #define BUFF_CHAR_SIZE ( sizeof ( szBuffer ) / sizeof ( TCHAR ) ) if ( ( NULL != szFile ) && ( NULL != szFunction ) ) { // Split out the base name from the whole filename. TCHAR szTempName[ MAX_PATH ] ; LPTSTR szFileName ; LPTSTR szDir = szTempName ; hr , sizeof ( szTempName ) / sizeof ( TCHAR ) , szFile ); ASSERT ( SUCCEEDED ( hr ) ) ; szFileName = _tcsrchr ( szDir , _T ( '\\' ) ) ; if ( NULL == szFileName ) { szFileName = szTempName ; szDir = _T ( "" ) ; } else { *szFileName = _T ( '\0' ) ; szFileName++ ; } DWORD dwHandleCount = 0 ; if ( TRUE == SafelyGetProcessHandleCount ( &dwHandleCount ) ) { // Use the new STRSAFE functions to ensure I don't run off 113 = StringCchCopy ( szDir
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In this case the event tells us that Administrator modified a value named StartupProgram in the Run registry key (this key lists programs that will automatically run when a user logs on interactively). The normal value, pointing to windows_component.exe, has been replaced and now points to malware.exe. There are many new events in Windows Server 2008. Tables 8-1 through 8-8 below illustrate some highlights.
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Finding and Organizing Files and Information
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Part I Fundamentals
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MSBuild Deep Dive, Part 2
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Table 6-1 Methods of the IDataSource Interface
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The DataGrid Control
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B. Correct: You can create file dependencies for Cache objects. c. Correct: You can make a Cache object expire after a specific time span or at a specific time. D. Incorrect: You cannot configure a Cache object to expire when a registry key is changed. E. Correct: You can configure a Cache object to expire when a different cached object expires.
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Before you begin browsing or editing the registry, it s good to know a bit about how this database is built. Figure 26-1 shows a portion of a system s registry, as seen through Registry Editor, the registry editor supplied with Windows Vista. As shown in the figure, the registry consists of the following five root keys: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, HKEY_CURRENT_USER, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, HKEY_USERS, and HKEY_ CURRENT_CONFIG. For simplicity s sake and typographical convenience, this book, like many others, abbreviates the root key names as HKCR, HKCU, HKLM, HKU, and HKCC, respectively.
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in 12 , More Than Numbers, (flow charts, organization charts, process descriptions, Chevron lists, and similar objects) are also charts . Therefore, the term needs to be broadened a little to mean graphical representation of numeric values and/or contexts in a form that is easy to understand . That s how we ll define it here . However, the main focus is entirely on the more classic type of chart: an object for visualizing mathematical/statistical contents that converts a numerical basis into a comprehensible graphical display . This exists in numerous versions and also in facets of versions . The primary objective of this book is to design something like this perfectly with Excel . Before you can enjoy the pleasure of being creative, however, you have to conquer a small mountain . The theoretical phase will continue . I can t and mustn t spare you from this because you ll understand instructions and descriptions of examples considerably better if you re familiar with the vocabulary used in Excel and therefore also in this book, even if it s accompanied by the occasional gnashing of teeth on my part . On the Companion CD The figures in this section were created using a file named
Microsoft SQL Server
Part I Fundamentals
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