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SELECT keycol, datacol FROM dbo.T1;
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Once the four phases of PPP negotiation have been completed, PPP begins to forward data across the tunnel. Each transmitted data packet is wrapped in a PPP header that is removed by the receiving system when it reaches the far destination. If data compression was selected in Phase 1 and negotiated in Phase 4, data is com pressed before transmission. If data encryption is selected and negotiated, data is encrypted before transmission. If both encryption and compression are negotiated, the data is compressed first and then encrypted. De-encryption and decompression occur once the packets reach the far end of the tunnel.
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Sample of Visual Basic Code Private _cnnString As String = _ ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("PubsConnectionString").ToString Sample of C# Code private string _cnnString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["PubsConnectionString"].ToString();
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empid ---------B G J H C D K E I A F qty ----------100 100 100 150 200 200 200 250 250 300 300 tile ----------1 1 2 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Fundamentally, all Web application environments work the same way . No matter what hardware/software platform you use, some piece of software is required on the server to monitor port 80 (typically) for incoming HTTP requests . When a request arrives, it s the server s job to somehow respond to the request in a meaningful way . In Microsoft operating systems, IIS is by far the most widely used watchdog intercepting HTTP requests on port 80, the usual inbound port for HTTP requests . Internet servers use other ports as well . For example, HTTPS (Secure HTTP) uses port 443 . However, right now you are mostly interested in normal Internet traffic over port 80 .
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If your Web applications are deploying JavaScript les, then you should process those les through a JavaScript compressor before they are placed on the IIS server. A freely available one, JSMin, can be found at http://www.crockford.com/javascript/jsmin.html. JSMin offers signi cant compression results without modifying the actual source that is executed. Instead it performs noninvasive operations such as: remove comments and remove unnecessary white space. The JSCompress task available as a part of the MSBuildCommunityTasks incorporates JSMin to compress JavaScript les. The WebApplication1 project from the samples includes a Scripts folder that contains some JavaScript source les. These les were taken from the open source Dojo project, which is available at http://dojotoolkit.org. To demonstrate compressing JavaScript take a look at the WDP named WebApplication1_javascript.csproj_deploy.wdproj, which will automatically compress JavaScript les if the Con guration is set to Release. The additions that were made to the le are shown next.
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template to define the UI layout to be used for the Content property of the context object. The title of the pop-up window is bound to the Title property of the context object. Note: By default, the specific type of pop-up window displayed by the PopupChild WindowAction class depends on the type of the context object. For a Notification context object, a NotificationChildWindow is displayed, while for a Confirmation context object, a ConfirmationChildWindow is displayed. The NotificationChild Window displays a simple popup window to display the notification, while the ConfirmationChildWindow also contains OK and Cancel buttons to capture the user s response. You can override this behavior by specifying a pop-up window using the ChildWindow property of the PopupChildWindowAction class. The following example shows how the InteractionRequestTrigger and the Popup ChildWindowAction are used to display a confirmation pop-up window to the user within the MVVM RI.
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Changing the Design and Content of Integrated Shapes
Sample of Visual Basic Code Dim pubsCnn As ConnectionStringSettings = _ ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("PubsData") Dim pubs As PubsDataSet = New PubsDataSet() Dim adp As SqlDataAdapter = New SqlDataAdapter( "select * from publishers;", pubsCnn.ConnectionString) adp.Fill(pubs, "publishers") Dim pubsQuery As IEnumerable(Of DataRow) = From p In pubs.publishers Where p.country = "USA" Select p GridView1.DataSource = pubsQuery GridView1.DataBind() Sample of C# Code ConnectionStringSettings pubsCnn = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["PubsData"];
Name/value sections are defined in the same way as the simple application settings just shown. The following configuration file demonstrates this type of section:
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