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Team Build 2008 will automatically determine if a test was built against the 8.0 or 9.0 version of the testing assemblies and will execute them using the appropriate version of MTest. However, if you nd that the 9.0 version is being used instead of the 8.0 version you can force the 8.0 version to be used by setting the V8TestToolsTask property to true and setting the MSTestRefPath property to the path to the directory containing the 8.0 version of Microsoft.VisualStudio.QualityTools.MSBuildTasks.dll as shown in this example:
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A large part of programming is communicating your work to other people. For details, see Section 33.5, Communication and Cooperation and Section 34.3, Write Programs for HARD DATA Computers People First, Second.
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Router IP properties
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Adding Graphics to the First Five Slides
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Version 1.x of the SQL Server managed provider, along with the SQL Server ODBC driver, supports only one active resultset per connection. The (unmanaged) OLE DB provider and the outermost ADO library appear to support multiple active resultsets, but this is an illusion. In OLE DB, the effect is obtained by opening additional and nonpooled connections. In SQL Server 2005, the Multiple Active Result Set (MARS) feature is natively implemented and allows an application to have more than one SqlDataReader open on a connection, each started from a separate command. Having more than one data reader open on a single connection offers a potential performance boost because multiple readers are much less expensive than multiple connections. Note that you must create each instance of the data reader from a distinct SqlCommand object, as shown in the following code:
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From the output shown, we can see that the Unittest.Proj1.csproj le was built, and then the test cases executed via the NUnit task. If any test cases were to have failed, then the build itself would have failed. To demonstrate this behavior I have added the following failing test case to the TestOperatros class.
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Lesson Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-81
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2 Working with Master Pages
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Speci es the base address of the main output assembly. This property is equivalent to the /baseaddress compiler switch. A Boolean value that indicates whether project references are built by MSBuild. Set to false if you are building your project in the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE), true if otherwise. Speci es the code page to use for all source-code les in the compilation. This property is equivalent to the /codepage compiler switch. An optional response le that can be passed to the compiler tasks. The path of csc.exe, the Visual C# compiler. A Boolean value that indicates whether you want the DEBUG constant de ned. A Boolean value that indicates whether you want the TRACE constant de ned. A Boolean value that indicates whether you want to delay-sign the assembly rather than full-sign it. Suppresses the speci ed warnings. Only the numeric part of the warning identi er must be speci ed. Multiple warnings are separated by semicolons. This parameter corresponds to the /nowarn switch of the vbc.exe compiler. A Boolean value that applies to Visual Studio only. The Visual Studio build manager uses a process called FastUpToDateCheck to determine whether a project must be rebuilt to be up to date. This process is faster than using MSBuild to determine this. Setting the DisableFastUpToDateCheck property to true lets you bypass the Visual Studio build manager and force it to use MSBuild to determine whether the project is up to date. You should set the property to true if you have customized the build process to have custom kinds of input les or output les. Visual Studio compares only the inputs and outputs that it is aware of. Fast up-to-date check is only used when debugging inside Visual Studio. When a full build is executed by Visual Studio, MSBuild will be called and the build is guaranteed to be correct.
The output of this query is shown in Table 4-33.
You can see that this is fairly straightforward XML code. It contains the aspect ratio for the master image (derived from the dimensions of the first image), and then each image becomes a SceneNode. The first image is the first SceneNode. It is defined as being located at position (0,0), and it is a normalized image that is, its width and height are set to 1. All other image sizes and locations are then set relative to the first image. The second image, as you can see, is located at approximately 0.45 on the x-axis and at 0.31 on the y-axis, and it is sized at approximately 0.00099 on x and y relative to the first image. Thus, if you zoom in the first image to approximately 10,000 times the original size, you can view the second image. The Z-order of the second image is 2 (the Z-order of the first image is 1), meaning that it is drawn on top of the first image. In addition, Deep Zoom Composer slices the image into tiles so that you don t have to load every tile for every zoom level. This provides nice efficiency when you are dealing with large images. When you are zoomed out, you have a small tile, and thus the image will be at a smaller resolution. When you zoom in to the full-resolution version of the image (or beyond), you will see only a portion of the image, and thus you need only download the tiles representing the part of the image that you are viewing, thus saving bandwidth and download time. The other files to be exported are a set of XML files. These files contain all the details of the tiles and where they are relative to the main image. They are located in the directory that Deep Zoom Composer made, along with a number of other numbered subdirectories containing the images. Because they are XML files, you can open and inspect them.
Figure 5-17 You can also adjust the font in the object in a 3-D rotation if you wish
4. In the details pane, scroll to the Network Access and Network Security sections and note the settings. Note that the policy setting is Not Defined. 5. Double-click the policy, Shutdown: Allow System To Be Shut Down Without Hav ing To Log On. The Shutdown: Allow System To Be Shut Down Without Having To Log On dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 11-5. 6. Select the Define This Policy Setting In The Template check box if it is not already selected, and then click Disabled.
When you run Chkdsk in the Windows Recovery Environment, some options are not available
See Also For a complete list of MCP exams and their related objectives, go to http://www.microsoft.com/traincert/mcp.
The application can supply a hook function, through _CrtSetDumpClient, for dumping memory registered as Client blocks. The hook will be called whenever a DCRT library function needs to dump a Client block. The _CrtDoForAllClientObjects function also allows you to enumerate the Client blocks currently allocated. MFC uses a Client block identifier for all CObjectderived classes. MemDumperValidator also uses the Client hook. _FREE_BLOCK Calling a memory deallocation routine normally removes the memory from the debug heap lists. If you set the _CRTDBG_DELAY_FREE_MEM_DF flag with _CrtSetDbgFlag, however, the memory isn't freed but left allocated and filled with 0xDD. If you temporarily toggle off DCRT library tracking, any allocations made after the tracking is turned off will be marked as Ignore blocks.
18. Click VPN Access. This is shown in the following figure.
retrieving Keys
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