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586 ChAPTER 10
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When using the OUTPUT clause to direct the output to a table, the table cannot have enabled triggers or CHECK constraints, nor can it participate on either side of a foreign key constraint. If the target table doesn't meet these requirements, you can direct the output to a temporary table or a table variable, and then copy the rows from there to the target table.
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By default, Microsoft Dynamics CRM creates a site map section with the XML structure shown in Figure 12-7. The components you included in your solution will drive which XML nodes have data. For this section, you should focus only on the SiteMap and Languages elements in the customizations.xml file. We ll discuss each of the SiteMap elements and their attributes in detail in the following subsections. Important The default site map that you export does not include any of the following
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Follow this path to exempt the chart: Chart Tools/Format/Size (click on the Launcher symbol)/ Size and Properties dialog box/Properties tab/Don t move or size with cells option .
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Use Test Cases That Make Hand-Checks Convenient
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Page 15
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Section A: the Design tab under Chart Tools contains a group entitled Chart Layouts . Here, you could determine (if you wish) the default elements and combinations that your chart should contain in its initial configuration . Section B: even though the Layout tab under Chart Tools contains many commands, they affect the chart design only . Section C: finally, the View tab contains options that you can use to influence the page layout . These can be either temporary or permanent actions and will be discussed in more detail in the next few sections .
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Let s review the steps for setting up a forms authentication layer on top of a Web application. These steps are not much different from what you do in ASP.NET 1.x. However, some of the methods in the FormsAuthentication class and some of the new security-specific server controls in ASP.NET 2.0 (more on this in a moment) make programming easier and faster. The typical web.config file of a secure application looks like the following code snippet: pdf417
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An added row has no corresponding element in the <diffgr:before> section. A deleted row has no corresponding element in the data instance block, but there will be an entry in the <diffgr:before> block. Looking at the data instance, you can quickly and easily identify the modified and added rows each has a diffgr:hasChanges attribute set to a self-explanatory value. But what about deleted rows By design, any hole in the sequence of msdata:rowOrder values denotes a deleted row. The msdata:rowOrder values must necessarily be consecutive. Let's look more closely at how a DiffGram is actually loaded in memory and transformed into a DataSet object. Reading Back DiffGrams When reading a DiffGram, the DataSet object's ReadXml method first loads the data instance and creates all the necessary tables and rows. Each row is put in the added or modified state, as appropriate. All the diffgr:id values are temporarily copied into an internal hash table defined as a property of the DataSet object. Each entry in the hash table references a DataRow object in the table being created. Next ReadXml processes the <diffgr:before> section and reads the old values for the available rows. If a match can be found between a row in the <diffgr:before> section and a row already loaded in the table, the just-read values are stored as the original values of the table row. ReadXml looks for a match between the diffgr:id attribute in the <diffgr:before> section and the contents of the hash table. Figure 10-2 shows how the DataSet object is built.
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16. Controlling Loops
Modern business applications consist of custom business objects and components that perform specific or generic tasks within the application, in addition to components that individually address crosscutting concerns such as logging, authentication, authorization, caching, and exception handling. The key to successfully building these types of applications is to achieve a decoupled or very loosely coupled design. Loosely coupled applications are more flexible and easier to maintain. They are also easier to test during development.
Compiling and Installing PHP 5
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In Office Word 2007, Office Excel 2007, and Office PowerPoint 2007, the File menu includes a new Finish command that provides a number of ways to safeguard finished documents, worksheets, and presentations (see Figure 3-5). Here s a quick introduction to the tools:
The naming of C# program elements follows rules that are broadly similar to Java:
B. Run Ipconfig /registerdns on each client PC that cannot access the Web site.
E xErcIsE 1 Enabling Partial-Page Updates
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