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If you cannot log into the build agent as the Team Build service account then you can set the proxy details directly in the registry by doing this: 1. Log into the build machine as a user with local administrator privileges. 2. Determine the SID for the Team Build service account. The easiest way to do this is by running the psgetsid command-line utility ( sysinternals/bb897417.aspx); for example, psgetsid CONTOSO\TFSBUILDS. 3. Open the Windows Registry Editor by running regedt32.exe from a command prompt. 4. Navigate to the registry key HKEY_USERS\<Team Build Service Account SID>\Software\ Microsoft\VisualStudio\9.0\TeamFoundation\SourceControl\Proxy (where <Team Build Service Account SID> is the SID identi ed using psgetsid) creating any keys that don t exist. 5. Create a String value in the Proxy key with the name Enabled and the value true. 6. Create a String value in the Proxy key with the name Url and the full URL of the proxy as the value. The Proxy registry key should look like Figure 12-6 when you re nished:
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You can enable conflict detection on the Advanced tab of the DHCP server prop erties dialog box. This feature allows you to specify the number of times the DHCP server will ping a given address on the network before assigning that address to a client. If the ping receives a reply, the address will not be assigned. This feature is useful, for example, if you need to deploy a new DHCP server to replace one that has recently failed. In this case, without the aid of an up-to-date DHCP server database, conflict detection can ensure that cur rently active leases are not assigned to other clients.
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If Startup Repair is unable to get your system running again, and if neither System Restore nor Windows Complete PC Restore has returned your computer to a condition of reliable health, consider the possibility that you have failing memory. To test this hypothesis, click Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool in the Startup Recovery Options menu. The Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool will ask whether you want to restart immediately and check for problems (the recommended option) or check instead on your next startup. Because you re having trouble getting to that next startup, you presumably want the first option. While the diagnostic program is running, you will see status messages on your screen. These will give you some idea how much longer the tests have to run and whether errors have been found. You can press F1 at any time to get to an options screen. Here you can choose between Basic, Standard, and Extended tests as well as select various other testing parameters. One of these parameters controls the number of test passes the tool will make. If you don t mind letting the tests run a long time for example, overnight select a higher number than the default 2. When you have configured the tests to your satisfaction, press F10 to continue. Your system will restart if it can when the testing is complete. The results will be displayed when you log on.
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Language Neutrality
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Misbehaving Subqueries
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SBS allows two group types: security and distribution. Most groups are security groups because they re the only groups through which permissions can be assigned. Each security group is also assigned a group scope, which de nes how permissions are assigned to the group s members. User rights are assigned to security groups to establish what members of the group can or cannot do. Some rights are automatically assigned to some groups for example, a user who is a member of the Remote Web Workplace Users group has the ability to connect using Remote Web Workplace. E-mail distribution groups, on the other hand, are not security-enabled and can be used only with e-mail applications to send e-mail to sets of users.
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Before you begin the migration, you need to disable virtual private networking to the SBS server. If you need VPN access, you should choose a router/ rewall that can act as a VPN endpoint. Ultimately, however, we think a better overall solution is to use RWW and avoid VPNs whenever possible. To disable VPNs on the existing SBS server, follow these steps:
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// Free the second block. Notice that this call won't report // a problem. HeapFree ( hHeap , 0 , pMem2 ) ; // Free a bogus block. Notice that this call won't report a problem. HeapFree ( hHeap , 0 , (LPVOID)0x1 ) ; HeapDestroy ( hHeap ) ; }
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Figure 1-3. Application tiers
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authentication and accounting logging, and tracing While the concept of demand-dial routing is fairly simple, configuration of demanddial routing is relatively complex. This complexity is due to the following factors:
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FIGURE 5-7 Act II of the story template is built on the powerful foundation of a hierarchy.
I ve discussed a lot of methods that you can use to look up an enumerated type s symbol . But you also need a method that can look up a symbol s equivalent value, an operation that could be used to convert a symbol that a user enters into a text box, for example . Converting a symbol to an instance of an enumerated type is easily accomplished by using one of Enum s static Parse and TryParse methods:
Table 14-3 covers the most commonly used methods offered by all Encoding-derived classes .
You frequently need to obtain a string representation of an object . Usually, this is necessary when you want to display a numeric type (such as Byte, Int32, and Single) or a DateTime object to the user . Because the .NET Framework is an object-oriented platform, every type is responsible for providing code that converts an instance s value to a string equivalent . When designing how types should accomplish this, the designers of the FCL devised a pattern that would be used consistently throughout . In this section, I ll describe this pattern . You can obtain a string representation for any object by calling the ToString method . A public, virtual, parameterless ToString method is defined by System.Object and is therefore callable using an instance of any type . Semantically, ToString returns a string representing the object s current value, and this string should be formatted for the calling thread s current culture; that is, the string representation of a number should use the proper decimal separator, digit-grouping symbol, and other elements associated with the culture assigned to the calling thread .
Using DNS Troubleshooting Tools
Figure 8-8
Temporary Tables and Table Variables
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