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Note A lot of people wonder why the event pattern requires the sender parameter to always
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Description Fires when a user is authenticated. Fires when the user logs in to the site after a successful authentication. Fires when a user submits login information but before the authentication takes place. The operation can still be canceled. Fires when a login error is detected.
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As Table 7-1 shows, the common language runtime (CLR) supports both type (static) and instance (nonstatic) fields . For type fields, the dynamic memory required to hold the field s data is allocated inside the type object, which is created when the type is loaded into an AppDomain (see 22, CLR Hosting and AppDomains ), which typically happens the first time any method that references the type is just-in-time (JIT) compiled . For instance fields, the dynamic memory to hold the field is allocated when an instance of the type is constructed . Because fields are stored in dynamic memory, their value can be obtained at runtime only . Fields also solve the versioning problem that exists with constants . In addition, a field can be of any data type, so you don t have to restrict yourself to your compiler s built-in primitive types (as you do for constants) . The CLR supports readonly fields and read/write fields . Most fields are read/write fields, meaning the field s value might change multiple times as the code executes . However, readonly fields can be written to only within a constructor method (which is called only once, when an object is first created) . Compilers and verification ensure that readonly fields are not written to by any method other than a constructor . Note that reflection can be used to modify a readonly field . Let s take the example from the Constants section and fix the versioning problem by using a static readonly field . Here s the new version of the DLL assembly s code:
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Notice that the time did not change 10 seconds later
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IntelliSense Improvements
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Determine the network class and default subnet mask for each network ID in the fol lowing table. Then use Calculator to determine the actual subnet mask configured for the address, the number of available subnets, and the number of available hosts per subnet. data matrix code
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Note Besides tools enabling you to build (or generate) application programs, Oracle also sells many ready-touse application programs, such as the Oracle E-Business Suite and PeopleSoft Enterprise.
After these two digressions, let s get back to the Focus 1 worksheet of the file 0907_ Bloodpressure.xlsx. I assume that you ve already explored this dynamic chart and thus describe its elements and structure in the Data 1 and Basis worksheet . Let s examine the content in Figure 9-18 and Figure 9-21 . The model consists of four data series . Instead of using the error bars for the intended purpose, it uses them as display objects for this presentation chart . Its variable values similar to a legend at the right of the chart area are linked picture objects that were created with the Excel camera .
In the left pane, expand Roles, then File Services, then Share And Storage Management, and then File Server Resource Manager. Right-click Storage Reports Management and select Schedule A New Report Task (Figure 12-7).
To install the SBS portion of the Windows Small Business Server 2008, continue the installation from step 10 of the preceding section. When the operating system nishes installing and restarts your server, the SBS installation will begin automatically, as shown in Figure 5-6.
Figure 2 4 : Version tab of the JeffTypes.dll Properties dialog box In addition, you can use the resource editor in Visual Studio .NET, shown in Figure 2 5, to view/modify the version resource fields.
Where does the name Ping come from Some claim that it s short for Packet INternet Groper . However, the author of this utility, which was written for BSD UNIX in 1983, says it was originally named after the sound a submarine s sonar system makes when it sends out pulses looking for objects in the sea .
After you have created and assigned the IPSec policy using Netsh, use Netsh com mands to monitor the session. 1. From either computer, start Netsh:
Your process should now look like Figure 14-34. The next step is to add the common actions shared by all leads from the sales manager s process requirements. You want to create a phone call activity so that someone from your company attempts to qualify the leads.
After Microsoft Dynamics CRM runs a workflow process against a particular record, you can access information about that process in the System Jobs section or by clicking the Workflows link in the navigation pane of a workflow process (Figure 14-5). You will learn more about monitoring workflow processes later in this chapter.
secure. It produces a challenge to the server to identify itself, but unautho rized users can still obtain the credentials with minimal effort.
Administrator Account
es the color of the star from gray to blue when an effect is in use. (For more about video transitions and effects, see Using Transitions, and Using Effects, later in this chapter.)
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