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LEFT OUTER JOIN Sales.Orders AS O ON O.custid = C.custid WHERE country = N'Spain' AND O.custid IS NULL;
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Global.asax.vb also has a region of code that is generated by the development environment, and this code is hidden by default when viewed in Visual Studio .NET. When you compile or run a Visual Studio .NET project, a bin folder is created. The bin folder contains the DLL (named ControlShowAndTell.dll) with the compiled functionality from WebPage1.aspx.vb as well as a file used for debugging. Note If you use the Depends.exetool included with Visual Studio 6.0, you ll see that the only DLL that the ControlShowAndTell.dll file relies on is Mscoree.dll. This DLL contains the majority of the .NET Framework functionality.
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In the sample code, clicking a HotSpot on the ImageMap causes a postback of the PostBackValue to the server. ImageMapEventArgs contains the PostBackValue. Inside the Click event, the PostBackValue is placed into the Text property of the Label control. Figure 4-13 shows the page after the image has been clicked.
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3 CC2E.COM/ 3101
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Lucerne Publishing s network
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9. The controller method finally executes.
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If you compile and run the code above, your output will be similar to the following output:
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Another type of solution for custom aggregates is developing a specialized, optimized solution for each aggregate. The advantage is usually the improved performance of the solution. The disadvantage is that you probably won't be able to use similar logic for other aggregate calculations.
The properties of a channel are accessible via the Properties property. Changing the value of these properties has no effect on the channel configuration. Properties must be defined and passed in via the constructor.
You need to define a LocLabels element for each ribbon item you add and specify the appropriate language code (1033 is the value for English). In our previous button example, a sample LocLabels code would be:
In Windows Server 2003, zone transfers from primary servers by default are either completely disabled or restricted to servers specified on the Name Servers tab. The nature of this default restriction depends on the manner in which the DNS server has been installed. By selecting the Allow Zone Transfers check box in the zone properties dialog box, selecting Only To Servers Listed On The Name Servers Tab, and then specifying the secondary server on the Name Servers tab in zone properties, you create the necessary NS resource record and allow zone transfers.
A video le does not play back properly
1074 Appendix D
Maintaining State for a Control
the first interactive ASP.NET application I wrote allowed a user to rate pictures on a scale from 1 to 10, and the user s rating was submitted as a query string value. If the user rated a picture 7, the query string might read page.aspx pic=342&rating=7. One day I noticed a picture with a rating above 100 a clever user had manually changed the query string to include a very large value, and my application had added the rating to the database without validation. To fix the problem, I added code to reject any request with a rating of more than 10 or less than 1. A common mistake I see is that developers use query strings to allow users to navigate search results but do not validate the query strings properly. Often, query strings for search results have query strings for the search terms, the number of results per page, and the current page numbers. If you don t validate the query string, the user can set the number of results per page to a huge number, such as 10,000. Processing thousands of search results can take several seconds of your server s processing time and cause your server to transmit a very large HTML page. This makes it very easy for an attacker to perform a denial-of-service attack on your web application by requesting the search page repeatedly. Don t ever trust values from a query string; they must always be validated.
If you used a logic-based approach, you d probably read each message, check the ID, and then call a routine that s designed to read, interpret, and print each kind of message. If you had 20 kinds of messages, you d have 20 routines. You d also have who-knows-how-many lower-level routines to support them for example, you d have a PrintBuoyTemperatureMessage() routine to print the buoy temperature message. An object-oriented approach wouldn t be much better: you d typically use an abstract message object with a subclass for each message type. Each time the format of any message changed, you d have to change the logic in the routine or class responsible for that message. In the detailed message above, if the average-temperature field changed from a floating point to something else, you d have to change the logic of PrintBuoyTemperatureMessage(). (If the buoy changed from a floating point to something else, you d have to get a new buoy!) In the logic-based approach, the message-reading routine consists of a loop to read each message, decode the ID, and then call one of 20 routines based on the message ID. Here s the pseudocode for the logic-based approach:
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