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POJO-Driven Approach
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Your first line of defense in securing your computer is to protect it from attacks by outsiders. Once your computer is connected to the internet, it becomes just another node on a huge global network. A firewall provides a barrier between your computer and the network to which it s connected by preventing the entry of unwanted traffic while allowing transparent passage to authorized connections. Using a firewall is simple, essential, and often overlooked. You ll want to be sure that all network connections are protected by a firewall. You might be comforted by the knowledge that your portable computer is protected by a corporate firewall when you re at work and that you use a firewalled broadband connection at home. But what about the dial-up connection you use when you travel Viruses like Sasser and its ilk find unprotected dial-up connections to be an easy mark. In fact, although dial-up users are less vulnerable to certain types of attacks just because of their relatively short connection time, they are particularly vulnerable to internet worms like Sasser because many internet service providers (ISPs) don t offer effective firewall protection for this type of connection. And it makes sense to run a firewall on your computer (sometimes called a personal firewall) even when you re behind a residential router or corporate firewall. Other people on your network might not be as vigilant as you are about defending against viruses, so if someone brings in a Sasser-infected portable computer and connects it to the network, you re toast unless your network connection has its own firewall protection.
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Authentication Security
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System Con guration Checker
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You enclose the two statements in a single transaction if you want the whole unit to be atomic either both must succeed or both must fail . If your server fails for some reason, and only the first INSERT statement is recorded in the transaction log, the recovery process will roll back the partial transaction . On the other hand, if the transaction is recorded in the transaction log in full but not yet flushed to the data portion of the database (committed after the last checkpoint), the recovery process will redo it . Note that SQL Server doesn t automatically roll back a transaction as a result of any failure . For example, constraint violations or lock timeout expirations usually leave a transaction open by default . You can write error-handling code to determine whether you want to explicitly roll the transaction back or commit it . If you want all errors to cause a rollback of a transaction, set the XACT_ABORT session option to ON . In most cases the XACT_ABORT
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You have two tasks. The first task is to return the missing ranges of keys within the data, generating the output shown in Table 4-38.
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Although many users will access Microsoft Dynamics CRM over a local intranet connection using Integrated Windows authentication, Microsoft Dynamics CRM also offers customers the option of deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM as an Internet-facing deployment
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Building Block Services
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You get the following output:
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Dynamic updates
Although your results may vary, good performance can be achieved .
Creating a Rule
using System; using System.Runtime.InteropServices; // The developer explicitly arranges the fields of this value type. [StructLayout(LayoutKind.Explicit)] internal struct SomeValType { [FieldOffset(0)] private readonly Byte m_b; // The m_b and m_x fields overlap each [FieldOffset(0)] private readonly Int16 m_x; // other in instances of this type }
You can also create an Object Collection validator programmatically, and use it to validate a collection held in a variable. The example named Validating a Collection of Objects demonstrates this approach. It creates a List named productList that contains two instances of the Product class, one of which contains all valid values, and one that contains invalid values for some of its properties. Next, the code creates an Object Collection validator for the Product type and then calls the Validate method.
CHECKLIST: Self-Documenting Code
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To tell Flowella which view to go to when the hotspot is touched, click on the connector dot and drag the area to the view that you would like to be activated when the touch spot is touched. For our example, drag the touch spot for the Oklahoma City quake to the details view. TIP: When the view is enlarged, it sometimes will cover the view you would like to indicate as the target. When this happen simply grab the enlarged view by its gray border and drag it out of the way to expose the intended target. Note that because Flowella does not allow any kind of application logic or data processing, we must manually link one particular item to a static image of details for that item. This is because Flowella is targeted at prototyping visual interactions and navigation flow, not full application functionality. We have created one connection: from a list item to the details view. Now let s complete the application flow by creating the following additional connections: Connect the title bar of the list view to the selector view. Connect the title bar of the details view to the selector view.
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