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Part V
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For more detailed information about how you can maintain a reference to the container in different types of applications, in particular, request-based applications, and the code you can use to achieve this, see the documentation installed with Enterprise Library or available online at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/ LinkId=188874.
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4. Type the following command to add a filter action to negotiate telnet from Computer2 to Computer1:
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7 . . Press Ctrl+F5 from within Visual Studio to run the application in the browser . When you type text into the TextBox and click the Button, the code running on the client side will add the contents of the TextBox to the ListBox, as follows (notice the .xbap extension at the end of the file name in the URL):
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The following example demonstrates the PokerChip enum used as a method argument and a switch statement expression:
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At the top of machine .config you can see a number of configuration section handlers . Each handler understands a specific vocabulary for configuring .NET (and ultimately ASP .NET) . Whereas machine .config controls the settings for the entire computer, ASP .NET applications rely on files named web .config to manage configuration . You see much more about web .config shortly . However, for now here is an example of what you might find in a web .config file for a specific application:
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Setup and Startup
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2. What most likely accounts for the errors shown in the following DHCP audit log
Setting Up Connection Manager in a Test Lab
CatalogDisplayMode This mode allows a user to add Web Parts into a WebPartZone at run time .
4. Computer Red checks its policy for the Main Mode settings (authentication, DiffieHellman group, encryption, and integrity) to propose to Computer Blue. 5. Computer Red sends the first IKE message using UDP source port 500 and desti nation port 500. 6. Computer Blue receives the IKE Main Mode message that is requesting secure negotiation. It uses the source IP address and destination IP address of the packet to look up its own IKE filter. The IKE filter provides the security requirements for communications from Computer Red. 7. If the security settings proposed by Computer Red are acceptable to Computer Blue, negotiation of the Main Mode or IKE SA begins. 8. Both computers negotiate options, exchange identities and authenticate them, and generate a master key. The IKE SA is established.
Data Access
Server-side code transfers control of a request to a different
To filter the currently displayed log or custom view, click Action, Filter Current Log. A dialog box like the one shown in Figure 22-5 appears. To fully appreciate the flexibility of filtering, click the arrow by each filter. You can, for example, filter events from the past hour, 12 hours, day, week, month, or any custom time period you specify. In the Event Sources, Task Category, and Keywords boxes, you can type text to filter on (separate multiple items with commas), but you ll probably find it easier to click the arrow and then click each of the items you want to include in your filtered view. In the Event IDs box, you can enter multiple ID numbers and number ranges, separated by commas; to exclude particular event IDs, precede their number with a minus sign.
Puzzle 10: Alternating Lamp States
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