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public static class EventArgExtensions { public static void Raise<TEventArgs>(this TEventArgs e, Object sender, ref EventHandler<TEventArgs> eventDelegate) where TEventArgs : EventArgs { // Copy a reference to the delegate field now into a temporary field for thread safety EventHandler<TEventArgs> temp = Interlocked.CompareExchange(ref eventDelegate, null, null); // If any methods registered interest with our event, notify them if (temp != null) temp(sender, e); } }
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The HTML <form> tag can be used to create a webpage that collects data from the user and sends the collected data back to the web server. The form tag is nested inside the <HTML> tags. The form tags typically include information for the user in the form of text, and input tags for defining controls such as buttons and text boxes. A typical use of the <form> tag might look like the following.
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Be aware of the difference between string pointers and character arrays The problem with string pointers and character arrays arises because of the way C handles strings. Be alert to the difference between them in two ways:
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To make EmployeeID show up in the property grid editor, you mark it as browsable and personalizable.
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Taking Performance Snapshots
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Main is a public, static method whose code is IL (as opposed to native CPU code, such as x86) . Main has a void return type and takes no arguments . The constructor method (always shown
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The solution I ll present here supports paging through consecutive pages. That is, you request the rst page and then proceed to the next. You might also want to provide the option to request a previous page. It is strongly recommended to implement the rst, next, and previous page requests as stored procedures for both performance and encapsulation reasons. This way you can get ef cient plan reuse, and you can always alter the implementation of the stored procedures if you nd more ef cient techniques, without affecting the users of the stored procedures.
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Quick Check
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but in the sense of documents and records versus request parameters, as is typically the case for POST when related to HTML page requests . You make most initial contacts to a page using a GET command, and you commonly handle subsequent interactions using POST commands .
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If you feel compelled to use the Administrator account, it s easy enough to do. Simply open an elevated command prompt window (easiest way: in the Start menu Search box type cmd, press Ctrl+Shift+Enter, and respond in the affirmative to the UAC prompt) and enter the following command:
chmod 750 /home/gallery2
Caution A subquery returning a null value is not the same as a subquery returning nothing (that is, the empty set). This will be demonstrated later in this section.
15 Dialog Processes
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