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FIGURE 5-19 Managed properties for an entity
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Part II Advanced Features
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Figure 10-10. The Gallery2 display when running as a standalone PHP application
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Directory Service Access Directory Service Changes Directory Service Replication Detailed Directory Service Replication
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CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX idx_nc_sid_od ON dbo.Orders(shipperid, orderdate);
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future versions of Windows. Of course, the code produced by Visual Studio .NET will run on all these Windows platforms plus Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, and Windows Me. Like any good development environment, Visual Studio .NET includes a project manager; a source code editor; UI designers; lots of wizards, compilers, linkers, tools, and utilities; documentation; and debuggers. It supports building applications for both the 32 bit and 64 bit Windows platforms as well as for the new .NET Framework platform. Another important improvement is that there is now just one integrated development environment for all programming languages. Microsoft also provides a .NET Framework SDK. This free SDK includes all the language compilers, a bunch of tools, and a lot of documentation. Using this SDK, you can develop applications for the .NET Framework without using Visual Studio .NET. You ll just have to use your own editor and project management system. You also don t get drag and drop Web Forms and Windows Forms building. I use Visual Studio .NET regularly and will refer to it throughout this book. However, this book is mostly about programming in general, so Visual Studio .NET isn t required to learn, use, and understand the concepts I present in each chapter.
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FIGURE .11-3 . SiteMapPath in action .
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Task Manager is a great tool for inspecting many areas of your server all at once. One area it can help you learn about your system is, in fact, networking performance. Although Task Manager might be less powerful than other tools (which you will explore later in this chapter in the section Performance Console Differences ), it is quite simple to access and can tell you a lot about the activities on your network. To access Task Manager, you press Ctl+Alt+Del and click the Task Manager button. Then select the Networking tab, as shown in Figure 12-1.
4. D. Incorrect: The Publish Web Site tool is used to precompile and deploy websites. It does
public data networks, such as the analog phone system or the Internet. A phone number for dial-up connections and either a fully qualified host name or IP address for VPN connections must identify the endpoint of the connection.
D2 mode, or Verbose Debug mode, shows both query and answer messages. Debug mode shows just answer messages.
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namespace ConsumeQuotesService { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { // Get a single random quote // Now add a quote // Now get all the quotes DataSet dataSet = quotesServiceClient.GetAllQuotes(); DataTable tableQuotes = dataSet.Tables[0]; foreach (DataRow dr in tableQuotes.Rows) { System.Console.WriteLine(dr[0] + " " + dr[1] + " " + dr[2]); }
FIGURE 4-6 Positioning the gradient stop.
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