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The .NET Framework doesn't provide equivalent functionality for this package.
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Database Audit Specification
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Getting in Touch with PostgreSQL
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Troubleshooting TCP/IP Connections
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FIGURE 25-16 The TS Licensing Configuration page of the Add Role Services Wizard
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namespace Ch5_ListBoxCustom { public class StartingHands { public string Nickname { get; set; } public string Notes { get; set; } public string Card1 { get; set; } public string Card2 { get; set; } ... } } 4. Next, you need to define the ListBox s ItemTemplate. The ItemTemplate will contain a horizontal-oriented StackPanel including the grid to display the two cards. It will also include a nested vertical-oriented StackPanel that will contain two TextBlock controls to display the Nickname and Notes data. Here is the code: generate code 39 barcode
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<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White"> <TextBlock Text="Inner View 1" FontSize="40" Foreground="Blue" HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Center" /> </Grid> 5. Next, add the Button_Click event handler in the View1.xaml code behind and add the following code
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Interface: The WAN adapter attached to the Internet Destination: Network Mask: Gateway: Metric: 1 Note Because the WAN adapter creates a point-to-point connection to the ISP , any address can be entered for the gateway. The gateway address of is an example. ( is known as the unspecified IP address.)
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The modem on Computer1
rate = table[ ] totalRate = totalRate + rate
Figure 7-11. The admin_categories componentized template
In this chapter, I ll talk about the various ways that you can perform operations asynchronously . When performing an asynchronous compute-bound operation, you execute it using other threads . Here are some examples of compute-bound operations: compiling code, spell checking, grammar checking, spreadsheet recalculations, transcoding audio or video data, and producing a thumbnail of an image . Certainly, compute-bound operations are common in financial and engineering applications . I would say that most applications do not spend the bulk of their time processing in-memory data or performing calculations . You can verify that this is true by opening Task Manager and selecting the Performance tab . If your CPU usage is below 100% (which it tends to be most of the time), then the processes you have running are not using all the processing power made available by your machine s CPU cores . When the CPU usage is less than 100%, then some (if not all) of the threads within their processes are not running at all . Instead, these threads are waiting for some input or output operation to occur . For example, these threads are waiting for a timer to come due, waiting for data to be read from or written to a database, Web service, file, network, or other hardware device, or waiting for keystrokes, mouse movement, or mouse button clicks . When performing an I/O-bound operation, the Microsoft Windows device driver has the hardware device do the work for you and the CPU itself doesn t execute any threads that happen to exist in the system . Since threads are not running on a CPU, Task Manager indicates that CPU usage is low .
The trace result page is separated into sections, as described in Table 8-3. The information in these sections can be very useful when you are trying to identify performance issues and resource usage.
Note Again, remember that the Close method isn t officially part of the dispose pattern; some
attribute to display a custom page. Any Get Started attributes in a SubArea element that contains a Url attribute will be ignored.
private void SomeMethod() { lock (this) { // This code has exclusive access to the data... } }
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