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SELECT o.orderid AS orderid, empid AS empid, YEAR(orderdate) AS orderyear, qty * unitprice AS val FROM Sales.Orders AS O JOIN Sales.OrderDetails AS OD ON OD.orderid = O.orderid; GO
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Con guring the Backup Service
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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: Subordinates1, Descendants --- Input : @root INT: Manager id --- Output : @Subs Table: id and level of subordinates of -input manager (empid = @root) in all levels --- Process : * Insert into @Subs row of input manager -* In a loop, while previous insert loaded more than 0 rows -insert into @Subs next level of subordinates --------------------------------------------------------------------USE tempdb; GO IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.Subordinates1') IS NOT NULL DROP FUNCTION dbo.Subordinates1; GO CREATE FUNCTION dbo.Subordinates1(@root AS INT) RETURNS @Subs TABLE ( empid INT NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY NONCLUSTERED, lvl INT NOT NULL, UNIQUE CLUSTERED(lvl, empid) -- Index will be used to filter level ) AS BEGIN DECLARE @lvl AS INT = 0; -- Initialize level counter with 0 -- Insert root node into @Subs INSERT INTO @Subs(empid, lvl) SELECT empid, @lvl FROM dbo.Employees WHERE empid = @root; WHILE @@rowcount > 0 -- while previous level had rows
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Sample of Visual Basic Code Public Sub ProcessRequest(ByVal context As System.Web.HttpContext) _ Implements System.Web.IHttpHandler.ProcessRequest 'set the MIME type context.Response.ContentType = "image/jpeg" Dim Request As HttpRequest = context.Request Dim Response As HttpResponse = context.Response If Request.RawUrl.ToLower.Contains("jellyfish.jpg") Then Response.TransmitFile(Request.PhysicalApplicationPath & _ "/Images/Jellyfish.jpg") ElseIf Request.RawUrl.ToLower.Contains("koala.jpg") Then Response.TransmitFile(Request.PhysicalApplicationPath & _ "/Images/Koala.jpg") Else Response.Write("File not found") End If End Sub Sample of C# Code public void ProcessRequest(HttpContext context) { //set the MIME type context.Response.ContentType = "image/jpeg"; HttpRequest Request = context.Request; HttpResponse Response = context.Response; if(Request.RawUrl.ToLower().Contains("jellyfish.jpg")) { Response.TransmitFile(Request.PhysicalApplicationPath + "/Images/Jellyfish.jpg"); }
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source port of 4500 (0x1194). This filter allows IPSec NAT-T traffic from the VPN server.
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When you log on to Office Groove 2007, you know immediately whether any changes have been made to the information in your workspace. Depending on your alert settings, you ll receive pop-up text alerts in your Windows task bar, as well as various unread content icons in your Launchbar workspaces tab, which signify how recently your workspaces have been updated. Although Office Groove 2007 will send you pop-up alerts only on the workspaces you use most often, it s best to customize your alert settings so that you are notified whenever content changes or events are added to the workspaces that are most important to you. Alerts are fully customizable so that you can change the alert level and turn them on and off according to your preferences. You can determine how sensitive you want the alert system to be by indicating which events you want to be informed about perhaps you want to know only when files are uploaded, or when a team member posts a question, or when SharePoint files have been modified. Alerts are enabled by default when you create a new workspace; if you want to disable them, click Turn Off Alerts in the Common Tasks area of the Launchbar. To customize alerts for each workspace, right-click on the workspace from the Launchbar and choose Set Alerts (see Figure 11-16). You can then change the workspace alert level from Auto to High, Medium, or Low and also choose to be alerted when any new members enter the workspace a helpful option when you re waiting on a time-critical update.
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Only in Global.asax
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Estimated lesson time: 35 minutes
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Sharing a Printer
7 Entity Customization: Forms
The DELETE SQL command deletes rows from tables. You can delete rows based upon an SQL condition. For example: DELETE FROM people WHERE name="Chris"; DELETE FROM people WHERE age > 100; DELETE FROM people WHERE gender = "Male" AND age < 50; As with SELECT, you can place limits upon the number of deletions: DELETE FROM people WHERE age > 100 LIMIT 10; In this case, only ten rows with an age over 100 would be deleted. Think of the DELETE command to be like SELECT, but instead of returning the rows, it erases them. The format is otherwise reasonably similar.
run time. You can take a couple of steps to control its run-time behavior, however. First, if you use a safety counter, one of the considerations in setting a limit for it should be how much stack you re willing to allocate to the recursive routine. Set the safety limit low enough to prevent a stack overflow. Second, watch for allocation of local variables in recursive functions, especially memory-intensive objects. In other words, use new to create objects on the heap rather than letting the compiler create auto objects on the stack.
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