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Organizing and Categorizing Your Digital Pictures
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C# Employee employee = Employees.CurrentItem as Employee; if (employee != null) { UriQuery query = new UriQuery(); query.Add("ID", employee.Id); _regionManager.RequestNavigate(RegionNames.TabRegion, new Uri("EmployeeDetailsView" + query.ToString(), UriKind.Relative)); }
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Deprecated. Text that Microsoft Dynamics CRM displays in the Outlook client when users click the parent folder. Use the Descriptions element instead. For internal use only.
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BEGIN TRAN EXEC AddEmp @empid = 1, @empname = 'Emp1', @mgrid = NULL; ROLLBACK
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FIGURE 3-2 Role-based security and object-based security combine to determine user rights.
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FIGURE 15-4 Configuring Visual Studio to use Chiron.
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Figure 7-23 The Adanced Search pane is a form that lets you specify multiple criteria or control the search location.
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Variant 2 (Advanced Model) generate data matrix
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Set to the name of the output file specified (without the extension) .
WaitAll Static method; waits for all of the WaitHandles in an array to be signaled.
6 will revisit data manipulation in more detail. 7 discusses the TRUNCATE command, which is considered a data definition command.
-- Run with Davis DECLARE @lastname AS NVARCHAR(40) = N'Davis'; DECLARE @sql AS NVARCHAR(500) = N'SELECT empid, firstname, lastname /* 65353E43-7E73-4094-84AC-D632ABB0FF7F */ FROM HR.Employees WHERE lastname = ' + QUOTENAME(@lastname, N'''') + N';'; EXEC(@sql); GO -- Run with King DECLARE @lastname AS NVARCHAR(40) = N'King'; DECLARE @sql AS NVARCHAR(500) = N'SELECT empid, firstname, lastname /* 65353E43-7E73-4094-84AC-D632ABB0FF7F */ FROM HR.Employees WHERE lastname = ' + QUOTENAME(@lastname, N'''') + N';'; EXEC(@sql); GO
In terms of functionality, calling the GetXml method and then writing its contents to a data store is identical to calling WriteXml with XmlWriteMode set to IgnoreSchema. Using GetXml can be 328
To execute a routine that accepts parameters and returns a value:
You can use Expression Blend to accomplish the following main design-oriented functions as you put together your application: Organizing the layout Placing and customizing visual elements Placing and customizing controls Designing animations
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