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15, Using Conditionals.
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Configuring PPTP Connections on a VPN Client To configure a PPTP-type VPN con nection on a client, run the New Connection Wizard and specify a VPN connection. By
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Ch aPt er 13 W eB a P P L IC a tION Fr a MeW O r K S : r a I LS , S I N a t r a , a N D r a M a Z e
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/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///// // Helper C++ class macros /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///// // Declare this macro in your class just as you would an MFC macro. #define \ public \ static \ static \ static \ const ;\ static \ { \ if \ { \ m_stBSMDVINFO.pfnDump \ m_stBSMDVINFO.pfnValidate = classname::ClassValidator ; \ AddClientDV \ } \ return ( _malloc_dbg ( nSize \ (int)m_stBSMDVINFO.dwValue \ __FILE__ \ __LINE__ \ 630 ) ) ; , , , ( &m_stBSMDVINFO ) ; = classname::ClassDumper ; ( 0 == m_stBSMDVINFO.dwValue ) void * operator new ( size_t nSize ) void * pContext ) void ClassValidator ( const void * pData , void ClassDumper ( const void * pData ) ; BSMDVINFO m_stBSMDVINFO DECLARE_MEMDEBUG(classname) : ;
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Special Method Name
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Islands in NumSeq
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User Authentication
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6 The blocks before and after the break have been switched.
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Figure 7-28 You can use this dialog box to rebuild an index that has stopped functioning.
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// While under the lock, test the complex condition "atomically" while (!m_condition) { // If condition is not met, wait for another thread to change the condition Monitor.Wait(m_lock); // Temporarily release lock so other threads can get it } // The condition was met, process the data... Monitor.Exit(m_lock); } public void Thread2() { Monitor.Enter(m_lock); // Permanently release lock
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Listing 7-5. Solution 4 to the Most Recent Orders for Each Employee problem
SomeStruct x = new SomeStruct(); SomeStruct y = new SomeStruct(); if (x && y) { x += 45 ; } // Instantiate a new SomeStruct // Instantiate a new SomeStruct
Lpq Displays information about the speci ed LPD print queue. Net start Starts the speci ed service. You can use the Net start spooler and Net
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private static Int32 NumTimesWordAppearsEquals(String word, String[] wordlist) { Int32 count = 0; for (Int32 wordnum = 0; wordnum < wordlist.Length; wordnum++) { if (word.Equals(wordlist[wordnum], StringComparison.Ordinal)) count++; } return count; }
Figure 11-7. Click the plus button to create a new storyboard.
FIGURE 26-7 A sample System Stability report
results because there are overlaps of chart elements for the target and actual identities, and the two lines may be aligned more or less close to each other .
Table 10-1 : Properties of the WebMethod Attribute Property Description TransactionOption.RequiresNew)> [C#] [WebMethod(TransactionOption= TransactionOption.RequiresNew)] As an example of using the WebMethod attribute properties, I could modify HelloWorld as follows: <WebMethod(CacheDuration:=600)> _ Public Function HelloWorld( _ ByVal Language As String) As String And so on... Because the response to the HelloWorld request is unlikely to change, caching the response for 600 seconds (10 minutes) isn t at all unreasonable. When HelloWorld is called with Spanish as the parameter for the first time, the value will be cached. For all other requests within the next 10 minutes, HelloWorld won t actually be run; instead, the caching system in ASP.NET will supply the same response as the first request.
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