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Part V
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Previous chapters introduced you to general controls for building rich interactive Internet applications. In this chapter, you look at video and the options available to you to build video-based applications in Microsoft Silverlight. First, you learn in some detail about the MediaElement control, which provides an API that gives you control over audio and video in your application so that you can build great media applications. You then look into the architecture and implementation of a Silverlight-based client for media that is protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM), including building a sample that will run against content that is hosted and protected on the Internet.
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Note that the converse of this example presents a similar problem. If you find yourself usually having a WithdrawalTransaction object in hand, but needing to pass several of its values to a routine like this:
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FigURE 12-23 An example LINQ to SQL DBML model.
ERB templates can also access variables in the current scope. For example: require 'erb' array_of_stuff = %w{this is a test} template = <<EOF <% array_of_stuff.each_with_index do |item, index| %> <p>Item <%= index %>: <%= item %></p> <% end %> EOF puts
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Adding Graphics to Your Storyboard
And if all of the preceding jargon means nothing to you well, that s the point. Improvements like these (and dozens of others) have made networking almost transparent to users, so that you don t need to spend time understanding how the layers in a protocol stack communicate and, worse, how to configure them to do so.
Appendix D Setting Up Remote Access VPN Connections in a Test Lab
BEGINDATE REG_COUNT ----------- --------13-DEC-1999 5 12-APR-1999 4 01-FEB-2000 3 10-AUG-1999 3 11-SEP-2000 3 04-OCT-1999 3 13-DEC-1999 2 03-FEB-2000 2 27-SEP-2000 1 15-JAN-2001 0 18-SEP-2000 0 19-FEB-2001 0 24-FEB-2001 0
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