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18 Custom Attributes
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Sometimes it s desirable to make several comparisons with the same variable at the same time. You could do this with the if statement, as covered previously: fruit color color color = = = = "orange" "orange" if fruit == "orange" "green" if fruit == "apple" "yellow" if fruit == "banana"
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Brush Implementation System.Drawing.SolidBrush
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Part II Advanced Features
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To complete the setup process, you need to first specify the port to which the printer is attached. For most older printers that attach to a parallel port, the correct choice is LPT1.
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In this part: 9: Designing Active Directory Domain Services for Security . . .241 10: Implementing Active Directory Certificate Services. . . . . . .265
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data source, and the items introduced for adaptive rendering on mobile devices. The SummaryTitle, DetailLink, and DetailTitle items belong to this group. Each item type has a made-to-measure style property. Table 7-3 details the style properties available on the GridView control.
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The first plan is for the population of the temporary table, and here you can see the first scan of the index you created earlier, plus aggregation of the data, and storing the result in the temp table s clustered index . The second plan is for the join query, showing that the base data from the index on Orders is scanned again, as well as the data from the temporary table, and the two inputs are joined using a merge join algorithm . STATISTICS IO reports twice 3,231 logical reads against Orders for the first plan, plus 3,231 logical reads against Orders and 28 logical reads against the temporary table for the second plan . Clearly, in this case, the approach using the table expression was more efficient . By the way, this problem has other solutions using table expressions . For example, the following solution uses the CROSS APPLY operator and a derived table:
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You ll notice that the CreateEventBad method is prototyped as returning an IntPtr . Prior to version 2 .0 of the .NET Framework, the SafeHandle class didn t exist, and you d have to use the IntPtr type to represent handles . What Microsoft s CLR team discovered was that this code was not robust . You see, after CreateEventBad was called (which creates the native event resource), it was possible that a ThreadAbortException could be thrown prior to the handle being assigned to the handle variable . In the rare cases when this would happen, the managed code would be leaking the native resource . The only way to get the event closed would be to terminate the process . Now, with version 2 .0 and later of the .NET Framework, we can use the SafeHandle class to fix this potential resource leak . Notice that the CreateEventGood method is prototyped as returning a SafeWaitHandle (instead of an IntPtr) . When CreateEventGood is called, the CLR calls the Win32 CreateEvent function . As the CreateEvent function returns to managed code, the CLR knows that SafeWaitHandle is derived from SafeHandle, causing the CLR to automatically construct an instance of the SafeWaitHandle class, passing in the handle value returned from CreateEvent . The newing up of the SafeWaitHandle object and the assignment of the handle happen in unmanaged code, which cannot be interrupted by a ThreadAbortException . Now, it is impossible for managed code to leak this native resource . Eventually, the SafeWaitHandle object will be garbage collected and its Finalize method will be called, ensuring that the resource is released . One last feature of SafeHandle-derived classes is that they prevent someone from trying to exploit a potential security hole . The problem is that one thread could be trying to use a native resource while another thread tries to free the resource . This could manifest itself as a handle-recycling exploit . The SafeHandle class prevents this security vulnerability by using reference counting . Internally, the SafeHandle class defines a private field that maintains a count . When a SafeHandle-derived object is set to a valid handle, the count is set to 1 . Whenever a SafeHandle-derived object is passed as an argument to an unmanaged method, the CLR knows to automatically increment the counter . Likewise, when the unmanaged method returns to managed code, the CLR knows to decrement the counter . For example, you would prototype the Win32 SetEvent function as follows:
Managing Cookies
MyCtl.Style["font-name"] = Profile.Font.Name; MyCtl.Style["font-size"] = String.Format( {0}pt", Profile.Font.SizeInPoints);
Exam Highlights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-42
Click Next to open the con rmation page and then click Install to begin the installation. Before the installation is complete, you ll need to reboot the server. Click Close on the Installation Results page and click Yes to begin the reboot. When the server has restarted, log on with the same account as you used to add the Terminal Services Role. The Installation Results page will open and the installation will complete.
that you define.
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