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Adding Methods to Enumerated Types
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access. If you can control the security, even a temporary account with write access should be password protected.
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router must be authenticated and authorized. Authentication is based on the caller s set of credentials that are passed during the connection establishment process. The credentials that are passed must correspond to an account. Authorization is granted based on the dial-in properties of the account and remote access policies.
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Correct Answers: A A. Correct: Because no gateway exists and the new client cannot connect to any other computers on either subnet, it has likely been configured by APIPA. Because the DHCP server is on the network and the DHCP service is running, the new client probably cannot obtain a configuration through DHCP because all the addresses in the scope have been allocated. If a lease can be deleted because the computer to which it is assigned is no longer on the network, or if the size of the DHCP scope can be increased, the error will be resolved automatically in 5 minutes or less. If immediate reconfiguration is required, you can issue the Ipconfig /release and Ipconfig /renew commands on the new client. B. Incorrect: Either the router is already BOOTP-enabled or a server in Subnet A is configured as a DHCP relay agent. Otherwise, the other client computers on Subnet A would not have obtained configurations from the DHCP server. C. Incorrect: Either a server in Subnet A is already configured as a DHCP relay agent or the router is BOOTP-enabled. Otherwise, the other client computers on Subnet A would not have obtained configurations from the DHCP server. D. Incorrect: If this option were incorrectly configured, none of the clients on Subnet A would have been configured with the correct default gateway.
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Unfortunately, if you build and run this code, it might work, but most likely it won t . The problem is that the call to File s static Delete method requests that Windows delete a file while it is still open . And so Delete throws a System.IO.IOException exception with the following string message: "The process cannot access the file "Temp.dat" because it is being used by another process." Be aware that in some cases, the file might actually be deleted! If another thread somehow caused a garbage collection to start after the call to Write and before the call to Delete, the FileStream s SafeFileHandle field would have its Finalize method called, which would close the file and allow Delete to work . The likelihood of this situation is extremely rare, however, and therefore the previous code will fail more than 99 percent of the time . Fortunately, the FileStream class implements the dispose pattern, allowing you to modify the source code to explicitly close the file . Here s the corrected source code:
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1 Introducing Silverlight 3
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The test has a set number of questions. It is timed, and you cannot pause and restart the timer.
Option Sets
Note Like with the RubyGems command-line tool, gem, the plugin script supports operations such as
If all we cared about was raw performance, then the optimum number of threads to have on any machine is identical to the number of CPUs on that machine . So a machine with one CPU would have only one thread, a machine with two CPUs would have two threads, and so on . The reason is obvious: If you have more threads than CPUs, then context switching is introduced and performance deteriorates . If each CPU has just one thread, then no context switching exists and the threads run at full speed .
Which Charts for Which Purpose
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Appendix B
Functional Application Blocks
Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls Binary and script behaviors Display video and animation on a webpage that does not use external media player Download signed ActiveX controls
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