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A daemon process is one that runs continually and silently in the background on a machine and is not run directly by a user. Daemon processes are often used to run servers, as they run consistently without any interaction requirements on the local machine. In the Multi-Client TCP Servers section of this chapter, you created a basic server that forked five separate processes to listen for and process client connections. It resulted in processes running in the background, but they weren t truly separate. The processes still output their error messages to the current screen, and they were still attached to the parent process, even though it had died.
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public abstract class WeakDelegate<TDelegate> where TDelegate : class /* MulticastDelegate */ { private WeakReference<TDelegate> m_weakDelegate; private Action<TDelegate> m_removeDelegateCode; public WeakDelegate(TDelegate @delegate) { var md = (MulticastDelegate)(Object)@delegate; if (md.Target == null) throw new ArgumentException( "There is no reason to make a WeakDelegate to a static method."); // Save a WeakReference to the delegate m_weakDelegate = new WeakReference<TDelegate>(@delegate); } public Action<TDelegate> RemoveDelegateCode { set { // Save the delegate that refers to code that knows how to remove the // WeakDelegate object when the non-weak delegate object is GC d m_removeDelegateCode = value; } } protected TDelegate GetRealDelegate() { // If the real delegate hasn't been GC'd yet, just return it TDelegate realDelegate = m_weakDelegate.Target; if (realDelegate != null) return realDelegate; // The real delegate was GC'd, we don't need our // WeakReference to it anymore (it can be GC'd) m_weakDelegate.Dispose(); // Remove the delegate from the chain (if the user told us how) if (m_removeDelegateCode != null) { m_removeDelegateCode(GetDelegate()); m_removeDelegateCode = null; // Let the remove handler delegate be GC'd } return null; // The real delegate was GC'd and can t be called } // All derived classes must return a delegate to // a private method matching the TDelegate type public abstract TDelegate GetDelegate(); // Implicit conversion operator to convert a WeakDelegate object to an actual delegate public static implicit operator TDelegate(WeakDelegate<TDelegate> @delegate) {
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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FIGURE 16-13 WHS menu
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The System.Windows namespace contains a number of core controls that are at the heart of every Microsoft Silverlight application. This chapter introduces the following core controls, and you will learn how you can use them in Silverlight: Button CheckBox ComboBox HyperlinkButton Image ListBox RadioButton TextBlock TextBox and PasswordBox
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shown . One of the hallmarks of object-oriented design and programming is data encapsulation . Data encapsulation means that your type s fields should never be publicly exposed because it s too easy to write code that improperly uses the fields, corrupting the object s state . For example, a developer could easily corrupt an Employee object with code like this:
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C# Member Context Namespace N/A N/A N/A
internal sealed class Transaction : IDisposable { private readonly ReaderWriterLockSlim m_lock = new ReaderWriterLockSlim(LockRecursionPolicy.NoRecursion); private DateTime m_timeOfLastTrans; public void PerformTransaction() { m_lock.EnterWriteLock(); // This code has exclusive access to the data... m_timeOfLastTrans = DateTime.Now; m_lock.ExitWriteLock(); } public DateTime LastTransaction { get { m_lock.EnterReadLock(); // This code has shared access to the data... DateTime temp = m_timeOfLastTrans; m_lock.ExitReadLock(); return temp; } } public void Dispose() { m_lock.Dispose(); } }
provider is already in use by another trace session. Taking control of it may cause the current owner to stop functioning properly.
Manage Your Time, Tasks, and E-Mail with Office Outlook 2007
The number x appears in the list L in what position The number x appears in the list L in what position The number x appears in the list L in position The number x appears in the list L in the 47th position. None (explanation to follow).
A routine is too long In object-oriented programming, routines longer than a screen are rarely needed, and usually represent the attempt to force-fit a structured programming foot into an object-oriented shoe.
Part II: Installation and Setup
Part I
ENAME MSAL COMM YEARSAL -------- -------- -------- -------SMITH 800 9600 MARTIN 1250 1400 16400 SCOTT 3000 36000 TURNER 1500 0 18000 SQL> 5. Rewrite the example in Listing 5-24 to remove the DECODE functions using CASE expressions, both in the SELECT clause and in the ORDER BY clause. Solution 5-5. SQL> 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 select job, ename , case when msal <= 2500 then 'cheap' else 'expensive' end as class from employees where bdate < date '1964-01-01' order by case job when 'DIRECTOR' then 1 when 'MANAGER' then 2 else 3 end; ENAME -------KING BLAKE ALLEN WARD MILLER FORD SCOTT MARTIN CLASS --------expensive expensive cheap cheap cheap expensive expensive cheap
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