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SQL Server 2008 has introduced a wealth of new technologies to assist with tracking access and changes to data . It is important to use each technology for its intended purpose:
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All accounts have a password hash stored on the DC. In fact, even if the user is required to log on with a smart card there is a password hash. When you configure an account to require smart card logon, the DC will actually create a random password, hash it, and store it in the user object. When a user logs on with a smart card, the KDC actually provides the client with the user s password hash during the log-on process. These credentials are sent encrypted with the client s public key. The Kerberos SSP on the client will decrypt them and cache them in the same way it would cache them if the user had entered them at the log-on prompt. The computer then uses these credentials to log on seamlessly to computers that, for whatever reason, are unreachable using Kerberos. This means that even with smart card logon required, the hashes are still exposed on the client to any rogue software that happens to run as an administrator. Using smart cards does not protect the password-based credentials any more than password-based logons do. Therefore, all the same cautions apply against the attacks we shall discuss next.
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The USGS data provides its data in well-formed XML. A specific seismic event might look like this:
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FIGURE 4-7 ToolTask class diagram
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5. Next, select the Fill command, and then select the Solid fill option . Choose a green color and set its transparency with the slider or by entering the value 66 percent . As a
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public void Load(IDataReader) public void Load(IDataReader, LoadOption)
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CLR User-Defined Types
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FIGURE 3-12 The Orders table (the Employees table renamed)
Try It Out: Creating a Silverlight Navigation Application
// While under the lock, test the complex condition "atomically" while (!m_condition) { // If condition is not met, wait for another thread to change the condition Monitor.Wait(m_lock); // Temporarily release lock so other threads can get it } // The condition was met, process the data... Monitor.Exit(m_lock); } public void Thread2() { Monitor.Enter(m_lock); // Permanently release lock
Delivering Your BBP Presentation
Figure 9-1: The page produced by GridTest.aspx, showing a simple ASP.NET data grid Figure 9-2: GridTest.aspx, showing a row in edit mode Figure 9-3: GridTest.aspx in design mode in Visual Studio .NET
SELECT [Order Details].OrderID, Products.ProductName, [Order Details].Quantity, [Order Details].UnitPrice FROM dbo.[Order Details] LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.Products ON [Order Details].ProductID = Products.ProductID WHERE Products.UnitPrice > 10;
You can change the look of the To-Do Bar by clicking anywhere in the title and choosing Customize. Select Customize to display the To-Do Bar Options dialog box. You can change the settings that control how many months and appointments are displayed in the To-Do Bar (or hide the items altogether). Enter your choices and click OK to save your changes; the To-Do Bar display then changes to reflect your choices.
12. Fundamental Data Types
(if any) . However, any unblocked threads don t wake up yet . The thread executing Thread2 must call Monitor.Exit, allowing the lock to be owned by another thread . Also, if PulseAll is called, the other threads do not unblock simultaneously . When a thread that called Wait is unblocked, it becomes the owner of the lock, and since it is a mutual-exclusive lock, only one thread at a time can own it . Other threads can get it after an owning thread calls Wait or Exit . When the thread executing Thread1 wakes, it loops around and tests the condition again . If the condition is still false, then it calls Wait again . If the condition is true, then it processes the data as it likes and ultimately calls Exit, leaving the lock so other threads can get it . The nice thing about this pattern is that it is possible to test several variables making up a complex condition using simple synchronization logic (just one lock), and multiple waiting threads can all unblock without causing any logic failure, although the unblocking threads might waste some CPU time . Here is an example of a thread-safe queue that can have multiple threads enqueuing and dequeuing items to it . Note that threads attempting to dequeue an item block until an item is available for them to process .
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