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Examining a String s Characters and Text Elements
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respectively. If the temporary table is empty (@last_rownum IS NULL), the code invokes the usp_firstrows procedure with an INSERT EXEC statement to populate #CachedPages with the first rows up to the requested high boundary row number. If the temporary table already contains rows, the code checks whether rows from the requested page are missing from it (@to_rownum @last_rownum > 0). In such a case, the code invokes the usp_nextrows procedure to insert all missing rows up to the requested high boundary row number to the temporary table. Finally, the code queries the #CachedPages temporary table to return the requested range of rows, and it stores the number of returned rows in the output parameter @rc. To get the first page of rows, assuming a page size of 10, run the following code: DECLARE @rc AS INT; EXEC dbo.usp_getpage @from_rownum = 1, @to_rownum = 10, @rc = @rc OUTPUT; IF @rc = 0 PRINT 'No more pages.' ELSE IF @rc < 10 PRINT 'Reached last page.';
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Figure 9.6 A fade video transition between two video clips. Video transitions can enhance the final outcome and appearance of your presentation. However, adding too many video transitions between video clips can distract from your presentation and its overall effectiveness.
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The XmlTextReader class provides the basic set of functionalities to process any XML data coming from a disk file, a stream, or a URL. This kind of reader works sequentially, reading one node after the next, and does not deliberately provide any ad hoc search function to parse only a particular subtree. In the .NET Framework, to process only fragments of XML data, excerpted from a variety of sources, you can take one of two routes. You can initialize the text reader with the XML string that represents the fragment, or you can use another, more specific, reader class the XmlNodeReader class. The XmlNodeReader class works on the subtree rooted in the XmlNode object passed to the class constructor. A living instance of an XmlNode object is not something you can obtain through a text reader, however. Only the .NET XML DOM parser can create and return an XmlNode object. We'll examine the details of the XmlNodeReader class in 5, along with the .NET XML DOM parser. 41
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empid lvl path 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 .1.2.4. .1.2.5. .1.2.6. .1.3.7. . . . . . . .
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<Path Stroke="Black"> <Path.Data> <LineGeometry StartPoint="10,10" EndPoint="100,100" /> </Path.Data> </Path>
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9 Logging In
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The execution plan for this query is shown in Figure 8-4. You can see that the data is scanned four times.
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In good code, the need to comment individual lines of code is rare. Here are two possible reasons a line of code would need a comment: The single line is complicated enough to need an explanation. The single line once had an error and you want a record of the error.
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Condition testing of the IsInvalidGregorianCalendarDate function requires five tests to effectively evaluate the true and false outcome of each Boolean subexpression in this single compound conditional clause. The control flow diagram in Figure 6-8 represents a model of the control flow at each conditional clause in the function. The tests and the outcome for each conditional clause are outlined in the truth table in Table 6-1. Table 6-1: Truth Table for IsInvalidGregorianCalendarDate Function Open table as spreadsheet Tests Parameters Conditional clauses Expected result Month 1 2 3 4 5 10 10 10 5 10 Day Year Year Month !(day < 5) !(day > 14) 11 21 3 7 5 1582 True True 1582 True True 1582 True True 1582 True False 1994 False True True False True False True False False False False
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Maximum capacity An Int32 value that specifies the maximum number of characters that can be placed in the string . The default is Int32.MaxValue (approximately 2 billion) . It s unusual to change this value . However, you might specify a smaller maximum capacity to ensure that you never create a string over a certain length . Once constructed, a StringBuilder s maximum capacity value can t be changed . Capacity An Int32 value indicating the size of the character array being maintained by the StringBuilder . The default is 16 . If you have some idea of how many characters you ll place in the StringBuilder, you should use this number to set the capacity when constructing the StringBuilder object . When appending characters to the character array, the StringBuilder detects if the array is trying to grow beyond the array s capacity . If it is, the StringBuilder automatically doubles the capacity field, allocates a new array (the size of the new capacity), and copies the characters from the original array into the new array . The original array will be garbage collected in the future . Dynamically growing the array hurts performance; avoid this by setting a good initial capacity .
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