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Group Policy consists of the following con gurable components:
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example control does. In general, the techniqu e shown here would be used on more complex controls, but adding this functiona lity to a hyperlink control makes the process easier to understa nd. PostLink.vb, shown in Listing 7-4, began as a Visual Basic Web Control Library project created in Visual Studio .NET. I added the following line: <Assembly: TagPrefix("PostLink", "PostLinkStuff")> This code tells Visual Studio .NET to use the tag prefix PostLinkStuff for any control in the PostLink namespace that is dragged onto the design surface. Recall from 6 that if you don t specify a TagPrefix, Visual Studio .NET will use cc1, cc2, and so on. The other section of code modified from the Web Control Library project is the Render method, shown here: Protected Overrides Sub Render( _ ByVal output As System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter) output.Write("<a id=""" + Me.UniqueID + _ """ href=""javascript:" + _ Page.GetPostBackClientEvent(Me, _text) + """>") output.Write(_text + "</a>") End Sub One confusing part of this Render code is the use of multiple quotation marks in the output.Write call. To include quotation marks within a string, each quotation mark must be preceded by a quotation mark so that the quotation mark isn t interpreted as the end of the string. In C#, the same method would be written as follows: protected override void Render(HtmlTextWriter output) { output.Write("<a id=\"" + this.UniqueID + "\" href=\"javascript:" + Page.GetPostBackClientEvent(this, text) + "\">") output.Write(text + "</a>") }
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Windows Firewall, a Control Panel application, is the simplest and the least capable. Nonetheless, with it you can complete routine tasks, such as allowing a program through the firewall or blocking all incoming connections. Windows Firewall With Advanced Security is a snap-in and predefined console for Microsoft Management Console (MMC). It offers much more granular control over rules, exceptions, and profiles.
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<PropertyGroup> <!-- aspnet_regiis.exe requires a path without the trailing slash --> <_OutputPathNoTrailingSlash>Out_Enc01\$(Configuration)</_OutputPathNoTrailingSlash> <!-- Customize output location using the OutputPath property --> <OutputPath>$(_OutputPathNoTrailingSlash)\</OutputPath> <_WebProject>$(SourceWebPhysicalPath)\WebApplication1.csproj</_WebProject> </PropertyGroup> <PropertyGroup> <BuildDependsOn> BuildWebProject; $(BuildDependsOn); EncryptWebConfig </BuildDependsOn> </PropertyGroup> <Target Name="EncryptWebConfig"> <!-- Get the .NET 2.0 path --> <GetFrameworkPath> <Output PropertyName="_Net20Path" TaskParameter="FrameworkVersion20Path" /> </GetFrameworkPath>
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This failure could indicate that the name resolution is not on your servers, but rather on servers on which your servers rely.
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Why should you write automated tests Why or when should you choose manual testing over automated testing Choosing whether to write automation and determining the extent of test automation are issues that nearly every tester must contend with at some point. If you are going to run a test only once, it doesn't make sense to automate it. However, just because you are going to run it twice doesn't mean you should automate it either. Many tests might need to run hundreds, thousands, or millions of times before product release or during the maintenance cycle of the program. Several factors contribute to accurately assessing the benefits of automation for any particular context. Some factors to consider include the following: Effort Determining the effort or cost is the first step in determining the return on investment (ROI) of creating automated tests. Some types of products or features are simple to automate, whereas other areas are inherently problematic. For example, application programming interface (API) testing, as well as any other functionality exposed to the user in the form of a programming object, is more often than not straightforward to automate. User interface (UI) testing, on the other hand, can be problematic and frequently requires more effort. Test lifetime How many times will an automated test run before it becomes useless Part of the process of determining whether to automate a specific scenario or test case includes estimating the long-term value of the test. Consider the life span of the product under test and the length of the product cycle. Different automation choices must be made for a product with no planned future versions on a short ship cycle than for a product on a two-year ship cycle with multiple
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String SomeMethod(Stream s);
Computer Control Panel Documents Games Music Personal Folder
The Seven Case Tables
This example is provided in the Scatter 3 worksheet and in Figure 3-34:
Set the stroke width using the StrokeThickness property. This specifies the stroke width in pixels:
Figure 4-4 UAC prompt indicating that the application requiring administrative access is unidentified and does not have a valid Authenticode signature from the publisher.
MSBuild Cookbook
automatic updating manually by using the settings in Figure 12-4 or by using Group Policy to disable automatic updating on more than one computer.
Modifying the audit log file location
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