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Figure 10-43
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Sample of Visual Basic Code Dim empJson As IEnumerable(Of Employee) = From emp In employees Where emp.Department = "IT Department" Select emp Dim ser As DataContractJsonSerializer = _ New DataContractJsonSerializer(GetType(IEnumerable(Of Employee)))
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You might not want to use all of the elements included in this particular puzzle graphic, but you still can work with it because it is vector art, called resizable at the Microsoft Of ce Online Clip Art And Media site. The value of this type of graphic is that you can break it into its components using the PowerPoint graphics tools and use only portions of it on a slide. Another advantage of this type of graphic is that you can resize it without ever losing its sharp, clear lines. Right-click the puzzle graphic you inserted on the slide, and on the shortcut menu, click Group, Ungroup. (If the Ungroup option doesn t appear on this shortcut menu, the clip art is not resizable.) If a Microsoft Of ce PowerPoint message box appears that reads, This is an imported picture, not a group. Do you want to convert it to a Microsoft Of ce Drawing Object click Yes. Right-click the graphic again, and then click Group, Ungroup again on the shortcut menu, which breaks up the graphic into its parts.
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Complexity: Sections 5.2 and 19.6 PERSONAL CHARACTER HAS RECEIVED A RARE DEGREE of attention in software development. Ever since Edsger Dijkstra s landmark 1965 article Programming Considered as a Human Activity, programmer character has been regarded as a legitimate and fruitful area of inquiry. Although titles such as The Psychology of Bridge Construction and Exploratory Experiments in Attorney Behavior might seem absurd, in the computer field The Psychology of Computer Programming, Exploratory Experiments in Programmer Behavior, and similar titles are classics. Engineers in every discipline learn the limits of the tools and materials they work with. If you re an electrical engineer, you know the conductivity of various metals and a hundred ways to use a voltmeter. If you re a structural engineer, you know the load-bearing properties of wood, concrete, and steel. If you re a software engineer, your basic building material is human intellect and your primary tool is you. Rather than designing a structure to the last detail and then handing the blueprints to someone else for construction, you know that once you ve designed a piece of software to the last detail, it s done. The whole job of
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Finding and Organizing Files and Information
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In this exercise, you use the Klist command to manage the Kerberos ticket cache. 1. Click Start, select All Programs, select Windows Resource Kit Tools, and then click Command Shell. 2. At the command prompt, type klist tgt to see information about the tickets on the computer. 3. At the command prompt, type klist tickets to see information about all the tickets on the computer. 4. At the command prompt, type klist purge to delete all the tickets. Then answer the following questions in the space provided. Can you connect to the file share Why
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Working with Data Source Controls and Data-Bound Controls
To create your PayPal account, follow these steps: 1. Browse to using your favorite web browser. 2. Click the Sign Up link. 3. PayPal supports three account types: Personal, Premier, and Business. To receive credit card payments, you need to open a Premier or Business account. Choose your country from the combo box, and click Continue. 4. Complete all of the requested information, and you will receive an email asking you to revisit the PayPal site to confirm the details you have entered.
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Security Alert
To shorten the process by one step, you can also right-click the domain or OU and select Create A GPO In This Domain, And Link It Here.
Next, build the class that will be bound to the DataGrid. Call the class GridData for simplicity, and give it three properties: Name (string), Age (int), and Male (Boolean). Also for simplicity, create a static method that will return an ObservableCollection containing some sample data that will be bound to the grid. In addition, define the class directly in the MainPage.xaml.cs file. This is not really a good idea in the real world, but for the sake of an example, it will work just fine. Ideally, you will want to define your classes in separate files or even in completely separate projects and assemblies. The code for the GridData class follows:
Upgrading a Previous Windows Version
GDI+ is responsible for two-dimensional graphics, imaging, and typography for the Windows operating system. The .NET Framework includes classes that act as a managed wrapper around GDI+, providing graphics capabilities for Windows Forms. The features of GDI+ are similar to those of the Java 2D API included in the Java 2 platform; with some minor exceptions, the principles behind both technologies are the same, and knowledge of Java 2D can easily be translated to GDI+.
The most comprehensible plug-ins are perhaps the text editors used for modifying content. The TinyMCE editor is actually a plug-in named tinymce. In Joomla, all articles are stored in the database as HTML text content. An editor plug-in sits between the Joomla system output and the user. When a user edits an article, Joomla retrieves the article from the database and prepares to display the raw HTML code that represents the article in a text-editing box. TinyMCE intercepts this HTML code and converts it into WYSIWYG content, so, for example, bold text is displayed as bold text and inserted pictures actually appear in the user s browser.
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