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Page 172 The main purpose of video transitions is to add a different look to your presentation as video changes from one clip or file to the next. By default, a cut transition is inserted between clips or files. A cut is an abrupt transition that occurs in one frame. However, at times, you may want to add a longer video transition rather than leave a straight cut from one file to the next. The transition choices appear in the Video Transitions folder on the Media tab. These transitions display an effect that plays back as the video or still image in the first file finishes playing and the next file begins to play. To add a video transition between two files or clips, they must be adjacent on the timeline, and the length of the video transition cannot exceed the combined time the two files display in your presentation. For example, you cannot add a five second transition at the end of a clip that is only three seconds long. The default duration of a video transition is determined by the time specified for the Video transitions option on the Timeline tab of the Options dialog box. Although there are many different video transitions to choose from, you need to consider how the transition you use works with the design of your presentation. A basic video transition, such as a fade, may be the best choice when you want to maintain a professional look. You can add a basic fade by adding the Fade video transition between the two files (see Figure 9.6), or you can add a fade by dragging the second file over the end of the first file so they overlap. The amount of time the files overlap determines the time the video transition plays. You can move the start trim handle of the transition on the Transition track to extend or decrease the amount of time the video transition displays between the two clips. Because video transitions are often short, you may need to zoom in on the timeline so you can drag the start trim handle of the transition to change the playback duration.
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Here, the anchor member returns the row for employee 2. The rst invocation of the recursive member returns direct subordinates of employee 2: employees 3 and 5. The second invocation of the recursive member returns direct subordinates of employees 3 and 5: employees 4, 8, 6, 7, and 9. The third invocation of the recursive member returns an empty set, and recursion stops. The outer query returns the uni ed result sets with the rows for employees: 2, 3, 5, 4, 8, 6, 7, and 9.
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Figure 8-1: A list box populated with the MyEnumerator class as its data source Figure 8-2: The class hierarchy of ADO.NET Figure 8-3: Results returned from running the code in Listings 8-2 and 8-3 Figure 8-4: The exception information displayed by SimpleExecuteNonQuery.aspx when you insert a record that already exists Figure 8-5: Results from SimpleSPSelect.aspx, showing the most expensive products, returned from a stored procedure Figure 8-6: The Territories table from Northwind saved in an XML file by SimpleXML.FileSave.aspx.cs
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You can get the next level of optimization in the scale by creating a nonclustered noncovering index on orderid : CREATE UNIQUE NONCLUSTERED INDEX idx_unc_oid ON dbo.Orders(orderid);
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Click Backup Destination in the left pane. Click Add Or Remove Drives. Select the drives you want to add and clear the drives you want removed. Click Next. If you ve added a drive, you are asked to provide a label for it (Figure 16-4). On the con rmation page, review your selections and click Con gure.
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x Additional custom alerts can be downloaded free at
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With zero affected rows, you typically just want to return from the trigger there s no point in wasting resources if you need not do anything . If more than zero rows were affected, the course of action you should take depends on the type of activity you want to issue from the trigger . If you can achieve the activity by using a set-based join between inserted or deleted and the base table, you can apply the same code for both single and multiple affected rows . For example, suppose that you re writing an INSERT trigger for a table called T1 that is supposed to modify an attribute called col1 in the new rows . You can achieve this by using an UPDATE statement that is based on a join between T1 and inserted, like so:
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payment = loanAmount / ( ( 1.0 Math.pow( 1.0 + ( interestRate / 12.0 ), -months ) ) / ( interestRate / 12.0 ) );
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<!-- =================================================================== --> <!-- Page Link to Logged in User Schedule --> <!-- =================================================================== --> <span jwcid="displayLoggedInLinks"> <tr><td width="165"> <a href="#" jwcid="@ExternalLink" page="attendee/ConfSessions" class="navText">my schedule</a> </td></tr> </span> </table> The final element of the ConferenceBorder component is the Java code that handles the login and logout logic. The ConferenceBorder class contains the login method, which uses the application state object LoggedInUser to store the UserSummary DTO returned by the injected EJB3 UserService if the username and password supplied to the UserService login method pass authentication. The logout method simply sets the user information to null in the LoggedInUser object. Listing 7-26 shows the implementation of ConferenceBorder. Listing 7-26. ConferenceBorder Java Implementation package com.integrallis.techconf.web.tapestry.pages; import org.apache.tapestry.BaseComponent; import org.apache.tapestry.IRequestCycle; import com.integrallis.techconf.dto.UserSummary; import com.integrallis.techconf.service.UserService; import com.integrallis.techconf.web.tapestry.domain.LoggedInUser; public abstract class ConferenceBorder extends BaseComponent { /** * Handles the user login * @param cycle */ public void login(IRequestCycle cycle) { LoggedInUser user = getUserInformation(); // Attempt the log in, a null return signifies a failed login UserSummary userSummary = getUserService() .login(getLogin(), getPassword()); user.setUserSummary(userSummary); setUserInformation(user); }
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The Index property on the BulletedListEventArgs class contains the 0based index of the list item that was clicked. You can customize the style of the bullet by using a personal image or by choosing one of the built-in styles. The BulletStyle property controls that.
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Performance is not a good reason to avoid commenting One recurring attribute of the rolling wave of technology discussed in Section 4.3 is interpreted environments in which commenting imposes a measurable performance penalty. In the 1980s, comments in Basic programs on the original IBM PC slowed programs. In the 1990s, .asp pages did the same thing. In the 2000s, JavaScript code and other code that needs to be sent across network connections presents a similar problem.
To work around either of these errors, you need to change the appropriate security setting for the Internet zone or add the site you re visiting to the Trusted Sites zone. For more information, see Using and Customizing Internet Security Zones, 6.
One of the cool features of Silverlight is the fact that all controls released with it support the new Parts and State model, which requires strict separation between a control s logic and appearance. Microsoft recommends that all custom controls also support this model. By separating the logic from the appearance of a control, a developer or designer can completely change the appearance of a control without affecting its behavior. This process is known as creating a template, or skinning, and is regulated by Visual State Manager (VSM). Expression Blend provides a very clean way to create and edit these parts and states, which makes skinning your applications a relatively simple task. You ll learn more about VSM and skinning in Pro Silverlight 3 in C# 2008 by Matthew MacDonald (Apress, 2009).
SELECT groupid, CAST(ROUND(EXP(SUM(LOG(ABS(NULLIF(val,0)))))* (1-SUM(1-SIGN(val))%4)*(1-SUM(1-SQUARE(SIGN(val)))),0) AS INT) AS product FROM dbo.Groups GROUP BY groupid;
You can also use the ShowStartingNode attribute to indicate whether to display the node where the SiteMapDataSource control is set to start. You set this value to false if you want to hide the starting node. This property works with the other properties of the SiteMapDataSource control, such as StartingNodeUrl. You might find that you want your navigation controls to display navigation data based on the current active page in the browser. You can do so by setting the StartFromCurrentNode attribute to true. This evaluates the name of the current page, finds it in the sitemap, and uses it as the start node for any bound controls on that page. This setting is especially useful if you embed your navigation and SiteMapDataSource controls inside a master page. Finally, the StartingNodeOffset attribute is used to move the starting node up or down the sitemap data tree. You set the value to a negative number to move the start node up the tree from its current evaluated position. A positive number moves it deeper into the tree hierarchy.
Type not in manifest file Create internal type structure Note: If any operation fails, an appropriate exception is thrown.
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