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Creating Custom Web Controls
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Several times in this book, you ve seen the word codeless used in a discussion of programming to describe features that allow you to create relatively simple pages with no code at all. Will the day come when programmers become use-
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There are many new features here, most of which serves to make the worksheet more user friendly .
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The QML example consists of a single object, of type Rectangle. This specific rectangle overrides three of Rectangle s default properties: height, width, and color. The height and width properties are each set to the integer value 32, and color is set to the string "red." Under the hood, the Qt Declarative module includes both a parser for QML and a renderer that renders QML to the screen. QML can contain scripts, too here s a button that changes its label to Hello World when it s clicked:
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14, Managing Computers on the Network, includes information on how to con gure and use Remote Web Workplace.
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Advanced Security Management
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Deploying Site-to-Site VPNs |
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Phone Line Networks that comply with early versions of the Home Phoneline Networking Alliance (HomePNA) standard operate at speeds of roughly 10 megabits per second; the HomePNA 3 standard claims to work at speeds of up to 128 megabits per second. HomePNA networks don t require a central connection point such as a router or hub; instead, they employ a daisy-chain topology in which all network adapters communicate directly by plugging into existing telephone jacks and transmitting data on the same wires that carry telephone and fax signals, without interfering with those communications. The availability of inexpensive wireless network gear has relegated HomePNA technology to a tiny niche;
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Installing and Configuring Windows Vista
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Part V
Klaus wants to achieve four goals in his network: A. Minimize name resolution traffic across WAN links B. Minimize DNS replication traffic across WAN links C. Secure DNS replication traffic across WAN links D. Optimize name resolution traffic for client computers
Entity Field Mapping
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