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Lesson 1: Connecting to Data with Data Source Controls
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Now that you know how to define a class that offers an event member, let s take a closer look at what an event really is and how it works . In the MailManager class, we have a line of code that defines the event member itself:
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Appendix B shows in detail the message sequences for the passive (browser-based) and active (smart) client scenarios. It also includes information about what the HTTP and, where applicable, Kerberos, traf c looks like as the browser or client, application, issuer, and Microsoft Active Directory communicate with each other.
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[Flags, Serializable] public enumTaskContinuationOptions { None = 0x0000,// The default // Causes the default TaskScheduler to put the task in the thread pool's // global queue instead of a worker thread's local queue. PreferFairness = 0x0001, // Causes the default TaskScheduler to create a thread for the task instead // of queuing the task to a thread pool thread LongRunning = 0x0002, // Always honored: Associates a Task with its parent Task (discussed shortly) AttachedToParent = 0x0004, // This flag indicates that you want the thread that executed the first task to also // execute the ContinueWith task. If the first task has already completed, then the // thread calling ContinueWith will execute the ContinueWith task. ExecuteSynchronously = 0x80000, // These flags indicate NotOnRanToCompletion = NotOnFaulted = NotOnCanceled = under what circumstances to run the ContinueWith task 0x10000, 0x20000, 0x40000,
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So now, if you want to use a nullable Int32 in your code, you can write something like this:
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For details on binding variables 2 to their values, see Section 3 10.6, Binding Time.
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Page 12
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Like the default Start menu in Windows XP, the Windows Vista Start menu is a two-column affair, the left side of which is reserved for the programs you use most often or that you have used most recently. Rather than displaying other programs on the right side, however (as the Windows XP Start menu does), Windows Vista devotes the right side of the menu to various important system folders, such as your Documents and Pictures folders, Search, and Control Panel. The classic Start menu recreates the look and feel of Windows 2000. Its main virtue is that it takes up very little room on the desktop. Among its drawbacks: It is less easily customized than the default Start menu, and it typically requires numerous cascading submenus to display its wares. The single most important difference between the two menus, however, is that the default menu includes a Search box (at the bottom on the left, directly below All Programs). You can get to anything on the menu, no matter how deeply nested it might be, by typing a few characters into this box. In Figure 3-16, for example, Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 does not appear on the left side of the menu, because we haven t pinned it to the top of the menu or used it recently. Navigating to this program s menu entry would require a couple of clicks and a bit of scrolling (one click to open All Programs, another to open Microsoft Office). As Figure 3-18 shows, two characters in the Search box are enough to bring Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 to the Programs area of the Search results, at the top of the Start menu. Provided you re not completely averse to typing, the Search box pretty much eliminates the hassle of finding items that are buried several folders deep within the menu structure. (As you ll see, there are ways to make deeply nested items more mouse-accessible as well in case typing is not your idea of pleasure.)
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One of the small but handy new features in the Windows Vista Task Scheduler is the ability for scheduled tasks to be run on demand, as well as in response to various time or event triggers. You can turn this feature off for a task by clearing the Allow Task To Be Run On Demand check box, on the Settings tab. But unless you re concerned that another user with access to your system might run a task against your wishes, it s hard to imagine why you would want to disallow on-demand execution. To run a task on demand, assuming you have not disallowed it, locate the task s folder in the Console Tree, right-click the task in the Task Scheduler s upper window, and choose Run from the shortcut menu.
This section lists supplemental readings by objective. We recommend that you study these sources thoroughly before taking exam 70-291. Objective 5.1 Review Lesson 1 in 3, Monitoring and Troubleshooting TCP/IP Connections, and Lesson 1 in 12, Maintaining a Network Infrastructure. Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 online help. Redmond, Washington. Review Troubleshooting: Monitoring Performance and System Monitor Overview: Monitoring Performance. Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Network Monitor online help. Redmond, Wash ington. Review Concepts, How To: Capture Network Data, and How To: Dis play Network Data. Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Deployment Guide. Red mond, Washington. Review How To: Monitor Network Connections, available on Microsoft s Web site at url=/ technet/prodtechnol/windowsserver2003/proddocs/entserver/NetcfgMonitorn ode.asp. Objective 5.2 Review Lesson 3 in 9, Routing with Windows Server 2003. Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 online help. Redmond, Washington. Review Repair a LAN or High-Speed Internet Connection, Error Messages: Network Connections, and Configuring a Translated Connection. Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Deployment Guide. Red mond, Washington. Review Network Connections, available on Microsoft s Web site at url=/technet/prodtech nol/windowsserver2003/proddocs/entserver/NetCfgtopnode.asp. Objective 5.3 Review Lesson 2 in 12, Maintaining a Network Infrastructure.
Extents are units of eight contiguous pages. When a table or index needs more space for data, SQL Server allocates a full extent to the object. The single exception applies to small objects: if the object is smaller than 64 KB, SQL Server typically allocates an individual page when more space is needed, not a full extent. That page can reside within a mixed extent whose eight pages belong to different objects. Some activities of data deletion for example, dropping a table and truncating a table deallocate full extents. Such activities are minimally logged; therefore, they are very fast compared to the fully logged DELETE statement. Also, some read activities such as read-ahead reads, which are typically applied for large table or index scans can read data at the extent level, or even bigger blocks. The most expensive part of an I/O operation is the movement of the disk arm, while the actual magnetic read or write operation is much less expensive; therefore, reading a page can take almost as long as reading a full extent.
You can also add roles and features on the command line using ServerManagerCmd.exe. On a Server Core installation you obviously must use the command line because it has no graphical user interface (GUI). However, you would use pkgmgr.exe or ocsetup.exe to manage roles on Server Core. Most administrators will probably use one of the two wizards, however. The two are very similar, and can be launched either from the Initial Configuration Tasks tool or from Server Manager.
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