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produces x86 instructions . If your application is running as a 64-bit application on an x64 or Itanium version of Windows, the JIT compiler produces x64 or IA64 instructions, respectively .
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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Prompt and Response
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Adding a RADIUS authentication server
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TextWrapping="Wrap" Text="{Binding Description}"/> <ListBox x:Name="theListBox" Grid.Row="1" Grid.Column="2" Grid.RowSpan="3" DisplayMemberPath="Product" SelectionChanged= "theListBox_SelectionChanged"> </ListBox> </Grid>
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If a client makes a request of a server and the server code throws an exception, the exception object can be marshaled back to the client and rethrown in the client s thread. This capability is cool because the client code can simply react to the server thrown exception the same way that it would react to a client thrown exception. But what about the stack trace Well, the full stack trace is also marshaled back to the client. If the client were to examine the stack trace, the trace would contain all the frames from where the exception was thrown (on the server) to where the exception was caught (on the client). This is another neat capability: developers building 344
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Setting Up Your Storyboard and Narration
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Managing Group Policies
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property (setter) injection
</SceneNode> <SceneNode> <FileName>C:\Code\SLBook\11\DZCSample \source images\DSCN2959.JPG</FileName> <x>0.451782754964542</x> <y>0.313488814592021</y> <Width>0.00099432659277551</Width> <Height>0.00099432659277551</Height> <ZOrder>2</ZOrder> </SceneNode> </SceneGraph>
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Figure 1-3. Windows Vista Windows+Tab cascading windows shuffle effect These features reflect how developers have built standard desktop applications, which are meant to be installed and executed on individual client machines. Desktop applications allow for very rich and responsive user interfaces and additional features, such as offline support. Performance of the application depends on the machine on which it is installed. A challenge for desktop applications is deployment. The application needs to have a code base for each target platform, and every machine needs to have the application installed and maintained. In contrast, we have web applications, which are HTML-focused programs designed to run within a browser and across platforms. For the Microsoft-based developer, this has recently meant developing with ASP.NET and building web services to offer services over the Internet. The focus of most of the logic and code has been placed on the server for the benefit of application performance. The price has been a poor user interface. With recent technologies, the line between the desktop and web approaches for developing applications has started to blur. As a result, a third approach has surfaced. This new approach is termed RIA, which is defined as a web application that has the features and functionality found in traditional desktop applications.
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