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A. A setup project B. A Web Setup Project c. The Copy Web tool D. The Publish Web Site tool
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While you re working in the right pane, Registry Editor doesn t highlight the current subkey in the left pane . The best way to remind yourself which subkey you re working in is to look at the status bar, which always displays the full path of the current subkey . If you don t see the status bar, open the View menu and click Status Bar .
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public class MyClass { // This is a static constructor static MyClass() { // Static Constructor code goes here } } qr code reader
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A control and form are configured to post back to a webpage that is different than the one that made the original request.
As we mentioned previously, signals and slots play a crucial role in Qt, enabling any two objects to communicate with each other without the need for clumsy interface definitions or callback functions. Declaring a signal requires only that the signal s object be a QObject and that the signal be declared with the signal s keyword in the class definition. In a similar vein, Qt s classic signal/slot example is that of a counter, wired to a button and slider. Our simple Qt counter class might look like what you see in Listing 4 1.
For complete control of the execution of your TestNG tests, you can configure the launch configuration by selecting Run Run or Run Debug and configure TestNG to run a specific class, group, or run based on a TestNG definition file.
Performance database. If you're not, just follow these steps: 1. Create a new Microsoft Visual C#, Class Library project in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (File>New>Project...>Visual C#>Class Library). 2. In the New Project dialog box, name the project and solution SQLSignature, specify C:\ as the location, and confirm. 3. Rename the file Class1.cs to SQLSignature.cs, and within it paste the code from Listing 3-5, overriding its current content. 4. Build the assembly by choosing the Build>Build SQLSignature menu item. A file named C:\SQLSignature\SQLSignature\bin\Debug\SQLSignature.dll containing the assembly will be created. 5. At this point, you go back to SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and apply a couple of additional steps to deploy the assembly in the Performance database, and then register the fn_SQLSigCLR and fn_RegexReplace functions. But first, you need to enable CLR in SQL Server (which is disabled by default) by running the following code: EXEC sp_configure 'clr enable', 1; RECONFIGURE; 6. Next, you need to load the intermediate language (IL) code from the .dll file into the Performance database by running the following code: USE Performance; CREATE ASSEMBLY SQLSignature FROM 'C:\SQLSignature\SQLSignature\bin\Debug\SQLSignature.dll'; 7. Finally, register the fn_SQLSigCLR and fn_RegexReplace functions by running the following code: CREATE FUNCTION dbo.fn_SQLSigCLR(@querystring AS NVARCHAR(MAX)) RETURNS NVARCHAR(MAX) WITH RETURNS NULL ON NULL INPUT EXTERNAL NAME SQLSignature.SQLSignature.fn_SQLSigCLR; GO CREATE FUNCTION dbo.fn_RegexReplace( @input AS NVARCHAR(MAX), @pattern AS NVARCHAR(MAX), @replacement AS NVARCHAR(MAX)) RETURNS NVARCHAR(MAX) WITH RETURNS NULL ON NULL INPUT EXTERNAL NAME SQLSignature.SQLSignature.fn_RegexReplace; GO
The base protocol over which Web traffic is carried is the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). HTTP is generally carried over TCP/IP, the standard Internet Protocol, in most environments. IIS 7 supports HTTP over TCP/IP version 4 (IPv4), the more common protocol of today s Internet and the same network-level protocol as every version of IIS to date has supported. IIS 7 also adds support for HTTP over TCP/IP version 6 (IPv6), the protocol version for the next generation of Internet support.
Now you get the desired plan. You see a single seek operation within the clustered index to fetch the anchor row, followed by a seek within the covering index and a partial ordered scan, physically accessing only the relevant rows in the desired page of orders.
Routing with Windows Server 2003
Email in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
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SELECT stor_id, ord_num, title_id, CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), ord_date, 120) AS ord_date, qty, CAST(1.*qty / SUM(qty) OVER() * 100 AS DECIMAL(5, 2)) AS per, CAST(qty - AVG(1.*qty) OVER() AS DECIMAL(9, 2)) AS diff FROM dbo.sales;
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