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Windows Azure allows you to select a geographic location for your Windows Azure services so that you can host your application close to your users. This section describes how Tailspin uses this feature in the Surveys application. Tailspin wants to allow subscribers to the Surveys service to be able to specify which geo-specific instance of the Surveys application they d like to use. For example, a U.S. based customer would probably want to choose a U.S. based service, and a European customer would probably want to choose a European-based service. However, it s possible that a subscriber might want to run a survey in a different geographic region than the one the subscriber is located in. Figure 1 shows how a U.S. based subscriber might want to run a survey in Europe:
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Choosing the Storage Solution for Your Network
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12. Fundamental Data Types
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In addition to calling Object s GetType method, the FCL offers several more ways to obtain a Type object:
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Reg.exe flags HKLM\Software\DontVirtMe SET DON T_VIRTUALIZE
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Then, click the Create Application Settings link to add some settings:
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Number of symbols defined: 5 Value Symbol ---------0 White 1 Red 2 Green 3 Blue 4 Orange
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Use dynamic updates
Lesson 1
1. For all employees, provide their last name, a comma, followed by their initials. Solution 5-1. SQL> select ename ||', '||init 2 as full_name 3 from employees;
Puzzle 12: Rectangle Within a Circle
The optimizer typically uses the access method clustered index seek + ordered partial scan for range queries where you lter based on the rst key columns of the clustered index. This access method rst performs a seek operation to the rst key in the range, and then it applies an ordered partial scan at the leaf level from the rst key in the range until the last. The main bene t of this method is that no lookups are involved. Remember that lookups are very expensive with large ranges. The performance ratio between this access method which doesn t involve lookups and one that uses a nonclustered index and lookups becomes larger and larger as the range grows. The following query, which looks for all orders placed on a given orderdate, uses the access method, which is the focus of this discussion:
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Code reviews are an integral part of the engineering process. After I finish a draft of the chapter you are reading, I will ask several colleagues and subject matter experts to review what I've written before I submit the chapter to the editors for further review. This is one of the best ways to get the "bugs" out of the prose and unearth any errors in my data or samples. Code reviews provide the same service for code and can be extremely effective in finding bugs early. Code reviews are part of the development process for every team at Microsoft but remain an area where improvements and increases in effectiveness are under way.
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