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Select Smart Host For Internet E-mail and then click View Outbound Internet E-mail Properties in the Tasks pane to open the Con gure Internet Mail Wizard shown in Figure 18-3.
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ModuleRef: Type is in different file, same assembly Examine ModuleRef table and load appropriate file
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Testing Your Computer s Network Security 1003
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Changing Settings for an Installed Device
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In the presentation chart, a control should be used to determine which of the three differentiation variants is to be displayed . However, this all has to take place in just one chart . Here, the equally feasible solution of using three charts in three worksheets and hyperlinks (see 12, More Than Numbers ) that enable you to toggle between each chart is not wanted .
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The traffic needed to access the quarantine resources. This includes filters
In this chapter, you saw how to integrate PayPal into an e-commerce site a simple payment solution that many small businesses choose so they don t have to process credit card or payment information themselves. First, we listed some of the alternatives to PayPal, before guiding you through the creation of a new PayPal account. We then covered how to integrate PayPal in stages 1 and 2 of development, first discussing a shopping cart, a custom checkout mechanism, and then how to direct the visitor directly to the payment page. In the next chapter, we will move on to look at a catalog administration page for HatShop.
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B. Correct: The WebService class is a base class that will allow your web service to have
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As I mentioned earlier, technically you re allowed to create multiple local temporary tables with the same name within the same session, as long as you create them in different levels . However, you should avoid doing this because of name-resolution considerations that might cause your code to break . When a batch is resolved, the schema of a temporary table that is created within that batch is not available . So resolution of code that refers to the temporary table is deferred to run time . However, if a temporary table name you refer to already exists within the session (for example, it has been created by a higher level in the call stack), that table name will resolve to the existing temporary table . However, the code will always run against the innermost temporary table with the referenced name . This resolution architecture can cause your code to break when you least expect it; this can happen when temporary tables with the same name exist in different levels with different schemas . This part is very tricky and is probably best explained by using an example . Run the following code to create the stored procedures proc1 and proc2:
Figure 8-6 Verifying address type
CHAPTER 1: Introducing Nokia s Software Platform
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