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In this exercise, you configure an L2TP/IPSec-type VPN connection between Computer2 and Computer1. To perform this task, you first configure a preshared key on the remote access client and server. 1. From Computer2, log on to Domain1 as Administrator. 2. Open Network Connections. 3. Right-click MyVPN, and then click Properties. The MyVPN Properties dialog box opens. 4. Click the Security tab. 5. Click the IPSec Settings button. The IPSec Settings dialog box appears. 6. Select the Use Pre-Shared Key For Authentication check box. 7. In the Key text box, type test.
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// Defined in the System.Runtime.CompilerServices namespace [AttributeUsage(AttributeTargets.Method | AttributeTargets.Class | AttributeTargets. Assembly)] public sealed class ExtensionAttribute : Attribute { }
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Application Services
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Physical Infrastructure
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Certi cate for TLS/SSL (Issuer, Browser Scenario) The Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol uses a certi cate to protect the communication with the issuer for example, for the credentials transmitted to it. The purpose is to avoid man-in-the-middle attacks, eavesdropping, and replay attacks.
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This approach assumes that all function calls throw exceptions for failures rather than returning error codes. The advantage of the try-finally approach is it achieves the visual simplicity of the goto approach without the use of gotos. It also avoids the deeply nested ifthen-else structures. The limitation of the try-finally approach is that it must be implemented consistently throughout a code base. If the code above was part of a code base that used both error codes and exceptions, the code would be required to set an error code for each possible error, and that requirement would make the code above about as complicated as the other approaches. In that context, the tryfinally structure wouldn t be decisively more attractive than the other approaches. A final limitation of this approach is that the try-finally statement is not available in all languages.
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More Info For more details about querying hierarchical data, such as an employee organizational
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Create a Project
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The final derived table aggregates county routes . Since county FIPS codes are only unique within a state, we have to use them in combination with the associated state FIPS codes:
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Make sure the recursion stops Check the routine to make sure that it includes a nonrecursive path. That usually means that the routine has a test that stops further recursion when it s not needed. In the maze example, the tests for AlreadyTried() and ThisIsTheExit() ensure that the recursion stops. Use safety counters to prevent infinite recursion If you re using recursion in a situation that doesn t allow a simple test such as the one just described, use a safety counter to prevent infinite recursion. The safety counter has to be a variable that s not re-created each time you call the routine. Use a class member variable or pass the safety counter as a parameter. Here s an example:
The .NET Framework offers a ton of advantages over other development platforms. However, very few companies can afford to redesign and reimplement all of their existing code. Microsoft realizes this and has constructed the CLR so that it offers mechanisms that allow an application to consist of both managed and unmanaged parts. Specifically, the CLR supports three interoperability scenarios: Managed code can call an unmanaged function in a DLL Managed code can easily call functions contained in DLLs using a mechanism called P/Invoke (for Platform Invoke). After all, many of the types defined in the FCL internally call functions exported from Kernel32.dll, User32.dll, and so on. Many programming languages will expose a mechanism that makes it easy for managed code to call out to unmanaged functions contained in DLLs. For example, a C# or Visual Basic application can call the CreateSemaphore function exported from Kernel32.dll. Managed code can use an existing COM component (server) Many companies have already implemented a number of unmanaged COM components. Using the type library from these components, a managed assembly can be created that describes the COM component. Managed code can access the type in the managed assembly just like any other managed type. See the TlbImp.exe tool that ships with the .NET Framework SDK for more information. At times, you might not have a type library or you might want to have more control over what TlbImp.exe produces. In these cases, you can manually build a type in source code that the CLR can use to achieve the proper interoperability. For example, you could use DirectX COM components from a C# or Visual Basic application. Unmanaged code can use a managed type (server) A lot of existing unmanaged code requires that you supply a COM component for the code to work correctly. It s much easier to implement these components using managed code so that you can avoid all the code having to do with reference counting and interfaces. For example, you could create an ActiveX control or a shell extension in C# or Visual Basic. See the TlbExp.exe and RegAsm.exe tools that ship with the .NET Framework SDK for more information. In addition to these three scenarios, Microsoft s Visual C++ compiler (version 13) supports a new /clr command line switch. This switch tells the compiler to emit IL code instead of native x86 instructions. If you have a large amount of existing C++ code, you can recompile the code using this new compiler switch. The new code will require the CLR to execute, and you can now modify the code over time to take advantage of the CLR specific features. 37
Figure 7-3 Most of the menu-bar commands are now aailable elsewhere; the first three on the Tools menu, howeer, are not.
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