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A. For remote access connections, an organization can use VPN connections to leverage the worldwide connectivity of the Internet and trade its direct-dial remote access solutions (and its corresponding equipment and maintenance costs) for a single connection to an Internet service provider (ISP). And the organization can do this without sacrificing the privacy of a dedicated dial-up connection.
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This technique is handy when you need to generate integer identifiers to distinguish rows for some processing need.
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The mapping between the Java java.lang.reflect package and the corresponding .NET types is provided in Table F-9. See 14, "Networking," for details of these .NET types.
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struct SomeValType { Int32 x = 5; }
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The Information Principle
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In Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, rules for Windows Firewall and IPsec are configured separately. Because both can block or allow inbound traffic, accidentally creating redundant or even contradictory rules is possible. These types of configuration errors can be difficult to troubleshoot. The new graphical and command-line management tools combine the configuration of both the firewall and IPsec, which both simplifies management and reduces the risk of misconfiguration. In the past the firewall and IPsec supported different characteristics for elements in rules. For example you could create a firewall exception based on an application name but IPsec did not support rules based on application names.
The SqlXmlReader class is a wrapper built around the XmlTextReader class. The Value property of the SqlXmlReader class exposes the XML reader to use to process data.
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The ASP .NET code generated by Visual Studio includes an HTML <div> tag in the body of the page . To see the code generated by Visual Studio as you modify elements in the Designer, click the Source tab near the bottom of the design window . Visual Studio also now includes a handy Split tab that you can use to see both the Design and Source views at the same time . If you simply start typing text into the Design view pane, you will see some text at the top of the page . The following graphic illustrates the Design view with some text inserted . To insert the text, click inside the box with the dashed blue border and type Page . in .Visual .Studio .
While it s quite handy to be able to embed a web view in your application, things get really interesting when you embed Qt objects into your web application. Using QWebFrame s addToJavaScriptWindowObject, you can add any QObject subclass to the JavaScript runtime associated with a web page. When you do this, Qt makes any properties the QObject provides available to JavaScript as slots, and signals as
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