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Translated into a an instruction to Excel, this would read as follows: If the value in the rL1.PeriodSel cell plus 1 is greater than the number of #N/A values in the rD1.DataCumulation range, read the contents of a cell, which can be located as follows: Go to the rL1.PeriodHeader cell, and move down the number of rows specified in the rL1.PeriodSel cell plus 1, and move across one column to the right (here we want to find entries in the reverse list explained above, see Figure 7-22) . Insert a blank space, followed by the content from the rD1.Year cell . Otherwise, write an empty text .
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To engage your audience using the Point A slide on the upper left in Figure 7-7, try one of the oldest and simplest techniques to prompt interaction: ask a question. Sketch a question mark on the chart. The Point A headline is Your returns will stay at if you do nothing. When you show this slide to a smaller group, ask an open-ended question such as, Do you agree or disagree with that and then have a conversation about it. When you show the slide to a larger audience, ask the question, How many of you agree with that and then hold up your hand to signal the audience to raise their hands. Quickly count the number of hands and tell the audience the results of the poll as you move on to the next point, It looks like about two-thirds of you agree. Well, today we re going to talk about . . . Taking a quick poll like this makes the audience feel like they re part of the conversation and also gives you a gauge of where the audience stands in relation to the topic. You can vary this technique with larger audiences by providing the audience with interactive polling devices, which some companies build speci cally for PowerPoint. When you ask the audience a question, the results of the poll are displayed directly on your Point A slide in the form of a chart that summarizes the polling results.
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In spite of the hairy name, structured basis testing is a fairly simple concept. The idea is that you need to test each statement in a program at least once. If the statement is a logical statement, say an if or a while, you need to vary the testing according to how complicated the expression inside the if or while is to make sure that the statement is fully tested. The easiest way to make sure that you ve gotten all the bases covered is to calculate the number of paths through the program and then develop the minimum number of test cases that will exercise every path through the program. You might have heard of code coverage testing or logic coverage testing. They are approaches in which you test all the paths through a program. Since they cover all paths, they re similar to structured basis testing, but they don t include the idea of covering all paths with a minimal set of test cases. If you use code coverage or logic coverage testing, you might create many more test cases than you would need to cover the same logic with structured basis testing. You can compute the minimum number of cases needed for basis testing in the straightforward way outlined in Table 22-1. mvc barcode generator
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You can send quick messages to Office Groove 2007 users by double-clicking the contact name in the Launchbar Contacts tab of any workspace (see Figure 11-14). Type your note in the Send Message window and click Files if you want to send along an attachment. Additionally, you can copy others on the message by clicking Add More. Click Send to send the message and an alert pops up on the recipient s desktop to let them know they have received a message from you.
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supports the use of hybrid hard disk drives drives that incorporate nonvolatile flash memory (NVRAM) as well as conventional rotating disk media. Hybrid drives are particularly useful for extending battery life on portable computers, because they reduce the need for drive spin. SuperFetch is useful to anyone running Windows Vista. You don t need to do anything except be glad that it s there. ReadyDrive should be of interest if you re in the market for a new computer and hybrid drives are a purchase option. ReadyBoost, in contrast, is of no value unless you implement it by attaching a suitable external memory device to your system. For details, see Using ReadyBoost, later in this chapter. code 39 barcode
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// This function counts the instances of the letter C // in strings that begin with the letter A A0 private static int CountC (string myString) { int index = 0, i = 0, j = 0, k = 0; char A = 'A', B = 'B', C = 'C'; char[] strArray = myString.ToCharArray(); A1 A2 A3 if (strArray[index] == A { while (++index < strArray.Length) { if (strArray[index] == B) { j = j + 1; } else if (strArray[index] == C) { i = i + j; k = k + 1; j = 0; } } i = i + j; } return i; A5 }
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#Region " Web Services Designer Generated Code "
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The WrapPanel control is a new control in Silverlight 3 that was previously available through the Silverlight Toolkit. It is very similar to the StackPanel control with one major difference: when items in a WrapPanel will not fit within the width or height of the control, they automatically wrap to a new row (if
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Suppliers PK supplierid companyname contactname contacttitle address city region postalcode country phone fax PK Suppliers_Since supplierid companyname contactname contacttitle address city region postalcode country phone fax since Suppliers_From To PK supplierid companyname contactname contacttitle address city region postalcode country phone fax from to
if ( input_char == "\027" ) ... if ( input_char == ESCAPE ) ...
5 Operations on the string NAME_LENGTH here
28. Managing Construction
Object dump complete. What's very nice is that the leak output format is such that double-clicking on the source line displayed will automatically jump to that line in the source file. The first leak is on line 22 of NEWPROBLEM.CPP (shown in Listing 17-1), and double-clicking jumps you to the line that did the malloc. If you double-click on the second source line listed, you jump to CRTDBG.H (line 692). While you're staring at a new call, it's certainly not the new in your source code. Since I had multiple calls to new in the program, you can see that logically all calls to new are going to show up as coming from CRTDBG.H. As you can imagine, this doesn't help much when you're looking for leaks in a huge program! The problem lies in the declaration of new in CRTDBG.H, as shown here: inline void* __cdecl operator new[](size_t s) { return __LINE__); } ::operator new[](s, _NORMAL_BLOCK, __FILE__,
Viewing Session Information
Figure 11-8. The Product Information tab shows each product and the category in which it is located.
Connections should always be closed using the IDbConnection.Close method or the Dispose method inherited from the IDisposable interface. If connection pooling is disabled, the underlying connection to the server will be closed; otherwise, the connection is maintained and the IDbConnection instance will be returned to the connection pool for future use. The DBDemo.Disconnect method demonstrates the use of IDbConnection.Close to close a database connection.
You should now have a pretty solid grasp on publishing content on the Joomla system. In this chapter, you not only performed the preplanning of the site with a third-party application (such as Microsoft Word, FreeMind, or Leo), but also implemented your site plan by creating a structure of sections and categories that could be used to file each article properly. The two editors included with the default Joomla installation (TinyMCE and XStandard Lite) for creating and modifying articles both offer robust features. TinyMCE has an excellent user interface and, being written in JavaScript, will run on nearly any browser. XStandard Lite, with a client component only available on the Windows platform, provides XHTML features as well as superior performance. You should now be able to choose the editor that best fits your needs. You also learned how the basics of the menu system work, so you can create either a direct menu item link to an article or a menu item that presents an entire category. Finally, you created a new registered user and set the permissions needed to allow that user to contribute article content to the Joomla site. In the next chapter, you ll greatly expand your knowledge of site administration so you can maintain not only the site itself, but also the virtual community of users.
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