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Figure 30-1 The Windows Vista Task Scheduler is implemented ia an MMC snap-in.
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Managing Connectivity
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Wired Network Policies
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13 Installing and Managing Printers
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5. On the Realm Name page, click Next. 6. On the Merging Profile Information page, click Next. 7. On the VPN Support page, select the Phone Book From This Profile check box. In VPN Server Name Or IP Address, click Always Use The Same VPN Server, type (as shown in Figure 7-27), and click Next.
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26. Code-Tuning Techniques
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There are two ways to insert a photograph in the Picture placeholder on the right half of this slide. The rst way is to nd a picture and copy it and then click the Picture placeholder not the Picture icon and click Paste. The second way is to click the Picture icon in the center of the Picture placeholder to display the Insert Picture dialog box, as shown in Figure 8-12. When you nd a photo you plan to use, it is good practice to save it in a familiar folder on your computer or network so that you can easily locate it and click Insert.
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With the component installed and the plug-in published, AkoComment should already be activated. Go to your Frontpage and look at the bottom of any article. You should see the options that allow entry of comments for that article, as shown in Figure 8-14.
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checked { // Assume SomeMethod tries to load 400 into a Byte. SomeMethod(400); // SomeMethod might or might not throw an OverflowException. // It would if SomeMethod were compiled with checked instructions. }
When creating a Task, you can associate a CancellationToken with it by passing it to Task s constructor (as shown above) . If the CancellationToken gets canceled before the Task is scheduled, the Task gets canceled and never executes at all .2 But if the Task has already been scheduled (by calling the Start method), then the Task s code must explicitly support
Part II Advanced Features
A. Controls provide properties that enable you to provide hidden descriptions that
Migrating Fax Data
Click Organizational Links in the left pane to open the Manage Organizational Links page in the right pane, as shown in Figure 25-33.
The AD LDS role includes features that will make it easy for you to set up and manage your AD LDS instances. You have a wizard to guide you through the creation process. You also have command-line tools so that you can create unattended installations and removal of instances, as well as managing, synchronizing, and populating instances. You even have an MMC snap-in for configuration and management of your instances as well as the schema. But do not forget that you can also use many of the AD DS tools to administrate AD LDS instances!
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