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already a class called Class built in to Ruby. Beware of reserved words and using names that are already used elsewhere!
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Change reference objects to value objects If you find yourself performing a lot of reference housekeeping for small or simple objects, change your usage of those objects so that all objects are value objects. Replace virtual routines with data initialization If you have a set of subclasses that vary only according to constant values they return, rather than overriding member routines in the derived classes, have the derived classes initialize the class with appropriate constant values, and then have generic code in the base class that works with those values. Change member routine or data placement There are several general changes to consider making in an inheritance hierarchy. These changes are normally performed to eliminate duplication in derived classes: barcode label printing
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Federated Identity for Web Services
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Dim hsQ = From hspt In hospitals Order By hspt.City Group hspt By hspt.County Into hsptGroup = Group Order By hsptGroup.First.County
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String Interning
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NoteThe CLR verifies that an index into an array is valid. In other words, you can t create an array with 100 elements in it (numbered 0 through 99) and then try to access the element at index 100 or 5. Doing so will cause a System.IndexOutOfRangeException exception to be thrown. Allowing access to memory outside the range of an array would be a breach of type safety and a potential security hole, and the CLR doesn t allow verifiable code to do this. Usually, the performance associated with index checking is insubstantial because the JIT (just in time) compiler normally checks array bounds once before a loop executes instead of at each loop iteration. However, if you re still concerned about the performance hit of the CLR s index checks, you can use unsafe code in C# to access the array. The "Fast Array Access" section later in this chapter demonstrates how to do this.
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SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand( SELECT * FROM Authors", conn); SqlNotificationRequest req = new SqlNotificationRequest(); req.Id = MyAppRequest"; req.Service = MyAppQueue"; cmd.Notification = req; cmd.ExecuteReader();
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What s happening in this piece of code What do x1, xx, and xxx mean What does aretha mean Suppose someone told you that the code computed a total customer bill based on an outstanding balance and a new set of purchases. Which variable would you use to print the customer s bill for just the new set of purchases Here s a different version of the same code that makes these questions easier to answer:
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Some Microsoft teams also include some or all BVTs in a rolling build and automatically report the results to the team. Teams that conduct several rolling builds each day often pick one for example, the last successful build before 13:00 and conduct additional testing and configuration on that build before releasing it to the team as the daily build. Another method of preventing build breaks and increasing code quality is the use of a check-in system. Years ago, when developers had changes to check in to SCM, they would check the code directly into the main source tree. Any mistakes they made either syntax errors or bugs would immediately affect every build. You can get away with a system like this for small projects, but for larger software projects, a staged check-in can be quite beneficial. Figure 12-5 shows the basic architecture of a check-in system. Instead of checking the code directly into the main SCM, when programmers are ready to submit changes, they submit them to an interim system. At a minimum, the interim computer verifies that the code builds correctly on at least one platform, and then submits the code on behalf of the programmer to the main source control system. Most such systems build for multiple configurations and targets something that is nearly impossible for a single developer to do on her own. generate barcode 128
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New Configuration Sections
Tracking Issues
A Site Profile
csc /t:module RUT.cs
NAP Implementation
Joomap is the top sitemap generator for Joomla; it can be downloaded from the Joomap home page, at Joomap not only provides complete mapping for categories and sections, but it can also map items included in the VirtueMart categories (introduced in 11) if you are using the VirtueMart extension for e-commerce. It can also render the sitemap as a Google Sitemap XML list.
FIGURE 17-23 The Properties dialog box for a contact
Several other changes are normally made to support specialization in derived classes: Push a routine down into its derived classes Push a field down into its derived classes Push a constructor body down into its derived classes
Part I CLR Basics Console Managed EXE
The following likely NAP scenarios help to illustrate the value of this new platform:
Suppliers_Since PK supplierid companyname since Currentlyactiveflag
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