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The .NET Framework XML core classes can be categorized according to their functions: reading and writing documents, validating documents, navigating and selecting nodes, managing schema information, and performing document transformations. The assembly in which the whole XML .NET Framework is implemented is system.xml.dll. The most commonly used namespaces are listed here: System.Xml System.Xml.Schema System.Xml.XPath System.Xml.Xsl The .NET Framework also provides for XML object serialization. The classes involved with this functionality are grouped in the System.Xml.Serialization namespace. XML serialization writes objects to, and reads them from, XML documents. This kind of serialization is particularly useful over the Web in combination with the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and within the boundaries of .NET Framework XML Web services.
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C. The RPC Locator service is not running.
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Table 12-3. Comparison Between Java Reflection and .NET System.Type Class Methods
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Following Microsoft s best practices, Silverlight controls are built with a strict separation between the visual aspects of the control and the logic behind the control. This allows developers to create templates for existing controls that will dramatically change the visual appearance and the visual behaviors of a control, without needing to write any code. This separation is called for by the Parts and States model. The visual aspects of controls are managed by Silverlight s Visual State Manager (VSM).
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Sample of Visual Basic Code Public Class NwdDataService Inherits DataService(Of northwndModel.northwndEntities) Sample of C# Code public class NwdDataService : DataService<northwndModel.NwdEntities> {
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9 Dynamic SQL
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Service ReadyBoost
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Display monitor capable of 1024 x 768 resolution Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device Adobe Reader for viewing the eBook (Adobe Reader is available as a download at
Federated Identity with Multiple Partners
Managing Reports
Alternatively, CompanyB could have gotten the new version of CompanyA s Phone type and decided that Phone s semantics of Dial and EstablishConnection are exactly what it s been looking for . In this case, CompanyB would modify its BetterPhone type by removing its Dial method entirely . In addition, because CompanyB now wants to tell the compiler that BetterPhone s EstablishConnection method is related to Phone s EstablishConnection method, the new keyword must be removed . Simply removing the new keyword isn t enough, though, because now the compiler can t tell exactly what the intention is of BetterPhone s EstablishConnection method . To express his intent exactly, the CompanyB developer must also change BetterPhone s EstablishConnection method from virtual to override. The following code shows the new version of BetterPhone:
Member Type
System.Web.UI.Design.WebControls.ReadWriteControlDesigner Adds support for in-place editing, as in the Panel control. This support allows you to place other controls on top of a control in design time. The RequiredTextBoxDesigner parameterless constructor is provided so that the class can be created without requiring any parameters. The bulk of the work of the designer is done in the GetDesignTimeHtml method. The method first gets an instance of the control. This instance can be used for retrieving or setting parameters. In this case, it s just there to show how you would obtain the current instance of the class. A StringWriter and an HtmlTextWriter are created (from the System.IO namespace). A new HyperLink object is created, and the placeholder link is rendered. The text of the hyperlink object is set to RequiredTextBox Designer , but it could be any arbitrary HTML code. Another option, which will result in the design-time appearance of a gray raised box similar to a button, is to use the CreatePlaceHolderDesignTimeHtml method, passing in a string parameter that will then be rendered on the gray box. Looking back again at Figure 6-7, two things about the Properties window are worth noting. First, the items in the Properties window are displayed in categories, and so the parameters I declared through the use of attributes as part of the Validator category are displayed together. Just as important, the ValidatorColor property is not just a text box in which you would enter names or numbers for colors but is instead a complete color picker, as shown in Figure 6-10.
Administrator: The administrator can install and uninstall extensions to the Joomla system, change the selected template, change the layout of a page, and modify the permissions of any user lower than their access level. An administrator does not have the power to edit a super-administrator user record (obviously), edit the global configuration, access the mass mail capabilities, or install templates or languages. The administrator level and above are the only groups that can create or authorize new registered users. The Joomla system can be configured to allow a user s automatic registration into the system, but the limits on a user-registered account are determined by administrator settings. Super-administrator (SA): The SA is the king of the web site. Like the administrator level on Windows and the root or sa user level on Linux, the SA has no restrictions on the system. The SA account is the one created during the initial Joomla installation. This account traditionally has a username of admin. When accessing the Joomla Administrator interface, the user s group designation will determine how the interface appears. The interfaces for the lower-level groups (such as manager) are missing many of the buttons and menu items that are present when an SA is logged into the system.
The nal slide on the lower right is a closer aesthetic match with a nancial services audience than the clip art and photo examples shown earlier in Figure 8-4. A professional designer might do an even better job with this slide. But accepting the constraints of doing it yourself and using only existing photographs and PowerPoint drawing tools, you can adapt and improvise like this in order to make the best of what you have. Page 291 Wednesday, June 9, 2004 12:01 PM
public delegate Int32 Feedback( Object value, Int32 item, Int32 numItems);
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