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Step 1-J1: Perform Cartesian Product (Cross Join)
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Press Ctrl+[ to return to the Telnet prompt. Repeat the process with This time, you should receive an HTTP 301 message, which redirects you to a different page. Press Ctrl+[ to return to the Telnet prompt. Repeat the process with This time, you should receive an HTTP 200 message. If you examine the HTML, you ll notice that the web server returned an error message indicating that you did not provide a valid HTTP User-Agent header. Browsers use the User-Agent header value to indicate the browser s type and capabilities.
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As you can see, the C# compiler is generating code that will construct an EventHandler<NewMailEventArgs> delegate object that wraps the Fax class s FaxMsg method . Then, the C# compiler calls the MailManager s add_NewMail method, passing it the new delegate . Of course, you can verify all of this by compiling the code and looking at the IL with a tool such as ILDasm .exe . Even if you re using a programming language that doesn t directly support events, you can still register a delegate with the event by calling the add accessor method explicitly . The effect is identical; the source code will just not look as pretty . It s the add method that registers the delegate with the event by adding it to the event s list of delegates . When the MailManager object raises the event, the Fax object s FaxMsg method gets called . The method is passed a reference to the MailManager object as the first parameter, sender . Most of the time, this parameter is ignored, but it can be used if the Fax object wants to access members of the MailManager object in response to the event notification . The second parameter is a reference to a NewMailEventArgs object . This object contains any additional information the designer of MailManager and NewMailEventArgs thought would be useful to the event receivers . From the NewMailEventArgs object, the FaxMsg method has easy access to the message s sender, the message s recipient, and the message s subject . In a real Fax object, this information would be faxed somewhere . In this example, the information is simply displayed in the console window . When an object is no longer interested in receiving event notifications, it should unregister its interest . For example, the Fax object would unregister its interest in the NewMail event if the user no longer wanted his or her e-mail forwarded to a fax . As long as an object has registered one of its methods with an event, the object can t be garbage collected . If your type implements IDisposable s Dispose method, the implementation should cause it to unregister interest in all events . (See 21, Automatic Memory Management (Garbage Collection), for more information about IDisposable .) Code that demonstrates how to unregister for an event is shown in Fax s Unregister method . This method is practically identical to the code shown in the Fax constructor . The only difference is that this code uses -= instead of += . When the C# compiler sees code using the -= operator to unregister a delegate with an event, the compiler emits a call to the event s remove method:
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CREATE TABLE dbo.Orders ( orderid INT NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, customerid CHAR(5) NULL REFERENCES Customers(customerid) ); GO INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT INTO INTO INTO INTO INTO INTO INTO INTO INTO INTO INTO dbo.Customers(customerid, dbo.Customers(customerid, dbo.Customers(customerid, dbo.Customers(customerid, dbo.Orders(orderid, dbo.Orders(orderid, dbo.Orders(orderid, dbo.Orders(orderid, dbo.Orders(orderid, dbo.Orders(orderid, dbo.Orders(orderid, city) city) city) city) VALUES('FISSA', VALUES('FRNDO', VALUES('KRLOS', VALUES('MRPHS', VALUES(1, VALUES(2, VALUES(3, VALUES(4, VALUES(5, VALUES(6, VALUES(7, 'Madrid'); 'Madrid'); 'Madrid'); 'Zion');
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The options shown in this dialog box reflect a subset of the total options available, based on the actual contents of the drive you re working with. The wizard performs a bit of triage for you, selecting check boxes next to the categories that it thinks you can part with most easily. The program is reasonably cautious about all of this, leaving, for example, categories such as Previous Windows Installation(s) (if you have any such) and Files Discarded By Windows Upgrade unchecked. Look the list over carefully, select any items about which you re curious and read the descriptions at the bottom of the dialog box for each one, click View Files if you want to see the members of a category, and then click OK to carry out the approved deletions.
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SELECT shipperid FROM dbo.Shippers AS S WHERE (SELECT TOP (1) orderdate FROM dbo.Orders AS O WHERE O.shipperid = S.shipperid ORDER BY orderdate DESC) < '20040101';
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IP Address Security
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14. Type the user name and password for your ISP in the appropriate text boxes. Be sure to type the password in both the Password text box and the Confirm Password text box. Note that for most ISPs, the Domain text box should be left blank. 15. Click Next. The Completing The Demand-Dial Interface Wizard page appears. 16. Click Finish. The Completing The Routing And Remote Access Server Wizard page appears. Read the summary provided on this page. Note that NAT and Basic Firewall have been configured for the new demand-dial interface. Also note that the wizard has detected the DNS and DHCP servers on the local computer, so NAT has automatically been configured to rely on these external services. If no such serv ers had been detected, you would have been given an opportunity to configure the DHCP allocator and DNS proxy services through NAT. 17. Click Finish.
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Perceiving, Interpreting, Understanding
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After you write a headline for the Setting slide, it s time to add some character to the presentation.
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You can retrieve the navigation parameters by using the Parameters property on the NavigationContext object, as shown in the following example. This property returns an instance of the UriQuery class, which provides an indexer property to allow easy access to individual parameters.
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The code generated by Visual Studio includes a simple class derived from System.Web.UI.WebControl .WebControl (which derives from the standard Control class) with some standard properties added along the way . Notice that the code has a single property named Text that overrides the Control RenderContents method . This is a real, functioning control (although all it really does is act very much like a Label) . . . 3 . . Build the project by selecting Build, Build Solution on the main menu . 4 . . Visual Studio makes the control available to your main project as soon as you compile it . You can also see that it has been added to your project another way: On the Tools menu, click Choose Toolbox Items, click the Browse button in the Choose Toolbox Items dialog box, navigate to the ControlsORama project directory, and then go to the CustomControlLib directory . Next, open the Bin\Debug directory . (Visual Studio builds debug versions by default .) Select the CustomControlLib.DLL assembly and click the Open button . SeverControl1 appears in the Choose Toolbox Items dialog box . The check box shows it as selected .
Correct Answers: B and D
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Figure 19 12 : After three collections: generation 0 survivors are promoted to generation 1 (growing the size of generation 1 again); generation 0 is empty. In Figure 19 12, you see that generation 1 keeps growing slowly. In fact, let s say that generation 1 has now grown to the point where all the objects in it occupy 2 MB of memory. At this point, the application continues running (because a garbage collection just finished) and starts allocating objects P through S, which fill generation 0 up to its threshold. The heap now looks like Figure 19 13.
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Using the native Update Services console is not something you should ordinarily do, since it can interfere with the normal operation of the SBS Software Updates. But sometimes it s just the only way to do something, as in this case.
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Support for non-Microsoft updates
strongly named assembly refers to. A strongly named assembly consists of four attributes that uniquely identify the assembly: a filename (without an extension), a version number, a culture identity, and a public key token (a value derived from a public key). The following strings identify four completely different assembly files:
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