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The query calculates row numbers partitioned by CustomerID, based on OrderID ordering, and isolates only rows for new customers, with a row number that is equal to 1. This way you isolate for each new customer only the row with the minimum OrderID.
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In this chapter, we presented a thorough overview for designing your application. We discussed how designing for mobile is different from designing for desktop applications. Next, we presented a series of steps you can follow in designing your application. Finally, we presented a series of concrete tips for good usability and visual design. You should use this chapter as a framework to build more information on good design. In the next chapter we get our feet wet using actual tools for software design and development.
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So far I have discussed linking GPOs to control which users and computers process them, and I have discussed security group filtering to more finely control targets within the bounds of linking to sites, domains, and OUs. Now let us look at the final mechanism for controlling Group Policy processing: the WMI filter. WMI filtering was introduced first in Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP. Unlike security group filtering, which requires you to place users and computers in groups to control Group Policy application, WMI filtering relies on the inherent Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) framework built into Windows since Windows XP to dynamically filter Group Policy application based on the hardware and software configuration of the computer and user being targeted. WMI filtering requires knowledge of the WMI Query Language (WQL). Within Active Directory and using the GPMC you create WMI filters that contain a WQL statement. That statement might ask questions such as, Is the system processing this policy running Windows XP, Service Pack 2 Is it running Windows Vista Is it running Windows Vista Business edition Once you create one of these filters, you can link it to a GPO again using the GPMC. Once you have done that, the computer or user processing that GPO will evaluate the WQL statement and, if the statement returns true, the GPO is processed. If the statement returns false, the GPO is not processed. Using WMI filters in this way, you can filter Group Policy processing based on the hardware or software installed on a computer. WMI filter statements must always take the form of a query that evaluates to true or false when run on the computer processing that filter. Figure 7-4 shows an example of WMI filter that looks for Windows XP with Service Pack 2 running on the target system.
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you understand the basics of workflow, you can easily use it to create queue items automatically.
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Testing is a powerful part of modern software development, and can help you resolve many development snafus. Without a proper testing system in place, you can never be confident that your app is bug-free. With a good testing system in place, you might only be 99 percent bug free, but it s a significant improvement. Previously, we ve looked at how to handle explicit errors, but sometimes your programs might perform oddly in certain situations. For example, certain data might cause an algorithm to return an incorrect result, or invalid data might be produced that, although invalid, does not result in an explicit error. One way to resolve these problems is to debug your code, as you ve seen, but debugging solves only one problem at a time. It s possible to debug your code to solve one problem, but create many others! Therefore, debugging alone has become viewed as a poor method of resolving bugs, and testing the overall functionality of code has become important. In the past, users and developers might have performed testing manually by performing certain actions and seeing what happens. If an error occurs, the bug in question is fixed and testing continues. Indeed, there was a time when it was it commonplace solely to use user feedback as a testing mechanism! However, things have changed quickly with the rapidly growing popularity of testdriven development (also often known as test-first development), a new philosophy that turns software-development practices on their head. Ruby developers have been at the forefront of promoting and encouraging this technique.
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26. Code-Tuning Techniques
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G_GLOBAL_GlobalVariable Global variables are prefixed with a G_ and a mnemonic of the module (file) that defines the variable in all uppercase for example, SCREEN_Dimensions. LOCAL_CONSTANT Named constants that are private to a single routine or module (file) are in all uppercase for example, ROWS_MAX. Global named constants are in all uppercase and are prefixed with G_ and a mnemonic of the module (file) that defines the named constant in all uppercase for example, G_SCREEN_ROWS_MAX. Macro definitions that are private to a single routine or module (file) are in all uppercase. Global macro definitions are in all uppercase and are prefixed with G_ and a mnemonic of the module (file) that defines the macro in all uppercase for example, G_SCREEN_LOCATION().
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In the following exercise, you ll build the SecureCard class, which represents the credit card of a customer. This class will use the functionality you implemented in the previous two exercises to ensure that its data will be stored securely in the database.
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int termA = 1000000; int termB = 1000000; int product = termA * termB / 1000000; System.out.println( "( " + termA + " * " + termB + " ) / 1000000 = " + product );
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Write cover routines to centralize your strategy to avoiding pointer problems As you can see from the preceding example, you can end up with quite a lot of extra code each time a pointer is new d or delete d. Some of the techniques described in this section are mutually exclusive or redundant, and you wouldn t want to have multiple, conflicting strategies in use in the same code base. For example, you don t need to create and check dog tag values if you re maintaining your own list of valid pointers.
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access policies. For the connection to be accepted, the parameters of the connection attempt must do the following:
reg operation [parameter list]
NAME ---Point1 Point4 Point5
Fun Play 1 You push "Word", "Play", and "Fun" into the array held in x, and then display the first popped element on the screen. Elements are popped from the end of the array, so "Fun" comes out first. Next comes "Play". For good measure, you then print out the length of the array at that point, using the aptly named length method (size works, too, and gives exactly the same result), which is 1 because only "Word" is still present in the array. Another useful feature is that if an array is full of strings, you can join all the elements together into one big string by calling the join method on the array: x = ["Word", "Play", "Fun"] puts x.join WordPlayFun The join method can take an optional parameter that s placed between each element in the resulting string: x = ["Word", "Play", "Fun"] puts x.join(', ') Word, Play, Fun
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