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Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
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You can use the following questions to test your knowledge of the information in Lesson 2, Creating Models, Views, and Controllers. The questions are also available on the companion CD in a practice test, if you prefer to review them in electronic form.
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Address Assignment
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FIGURE 8-12 The wizard configures your server to use your domain name.
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// How long does it take to increment x 10 million times Stopwatch sw = Stopwatch.StartNew(); for (Int32 i = 0; i < iterations; i++) { x++; } Console.WriteLine("Incrementing x: {0:N0}", sw.ElapsedMilliseconds); // How long does it take to increment x 10 million times // adding the overhead of calling a method that does nothing sw.Restart(); for (Int32 i = 0; i < iterations; i++) { M(); x++; M(); } Console.WriteLine("Incrementing x in M: {0:N0}", sw.ElapsedMilliseconds); // How long does it take to increment x 10 million times // adding the overhead of calling an uncontended SimpleSpinLock SimpleSpinLock ssl = new SimpleSpinLock(); sw.Restart(); for (Int32 i = 0; i < iterations; i++) { ssl.Enter(); x++; ssl.Leave(); } Console.WriteLine("Incrementing x in SimpleSpinLock: {0:N0}", sw.ElapsedMilliseconds); // How long does it take to increment x 10 million times // adding the overhead of calling an uncontended SimpleWaitLock using (SimpleWaitLock swl = new SimpleWaitLock()) { sw.Restart(); for (Int32 i = 0; i < iterations; i++) { swl.Enter(); x++; swl.Leave(); } Console.WriteLine("Incrementing x in SimpleWaitLock: {0:N0}", sw.ElapsedMilliseconds); } } [MethodImpl(MethodImplOptions.NoInlining)] private static void M() { /* This method does nothing but return */ }
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Performing Routine Maintenance
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Notice that we specified Property Mappings for the handler that map the Message property of the exception generated within the service to the FaultMessage property of the SalaryCalculationFault class, and map the unique Handling Instance ID of the exception (specified by setting the Source to {Guid} ) to the FaultID property, as shown in Figure 6. After you specify your fault contract and configure the Fault Contract exception handler, you must edit your service code to use the new exception policy. If you did not already do so, you must also add a reference to the assembly that contains the Fault Contract exception handler to your project and (optionally) add a using statement to your service class, as shown here:
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Only rows for which the <join_condition> is TRUE are inserted to VT2the input virtual table of the next step, shown in Table 1-6.
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Constructor Constraints
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You are the network administrator at the branch office of a large company. The Windows Server 2003 DNS server in the branch office is a secondary server for the standard primary zone at the head office. However, for security reasons, you do not want the secondary DNS server to resolve external FQDNs over the Internet. You therefore specify as a forwarder the DNS server at the main office. You test the setup and find that external FQDNs are not being resolved. You open the DNS console and access the Monitoring tab of the server s properties dialog box. You test the server s ability to perform simple and recursive queries. The server passes the simple test but fails the recursive test. What could be the problem (Choose all that apply.) A. A firewall is blocking queries to the forwarder. B. The recursive time-out is too short. C. Replication from the master server is not occurring. D. The zones on your server are incorrectly configured.
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Active Directory Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services Relational database Custom stores
Aggregating and Pivoting Data
Index Intersection
Here s another timesaving and organizing feature in Office Outlook 2007: Now you can actually schedule time to work on tasks by simply dragging them to the Calendar. Previously, tasks and the Calendar worked somewhat separately to keep track of the same event or project in both views, you had to create entries for each, duplicating the effort you spent in organizing one task. Because the Daily Task List displays your tasks in the To-Do Bar according to the day on which they are due, they are already organized so that you can easily drag them to your Calendar to block off time to complete them. Using the Daily Task List, you can also modify the date of tasks by dragging them from one day to another, and the To-Do Bar will update accordingly. Note
Lets you view and manage the print jobs of printer shares on a Windows print server.
Error Code / Description
BEGIN TRAN DECLARE @val AS INT; SELECT TOP (1) @val = val FROM dbo.Sequence WITH (TABLOCKX); -- lock table SET @val = IDENT_CURRENT('dbo.Sequence') + 1; TRUNCATE TABLE dbo.Sequence; DBCC CHECKIDENT('dbo.Sequence', RESEED, @val); COMMIT
you re looking for . Picture format strings contain special characters that tell the type s ToString method exactly how many digits to show, exactly where to place a decimal separator, exactly how many digits to place after the decimal separator, and so on . For complete information about format strings, see Formatting Types in the .NET Framework SDK . For most types, calling ToString and passing null for the format string is identical to calling ToString and passing G for the format string . In other words, objects format themselves using the General format by default . When implementing a type, choose a format that you think will be the most commonly used format; this format is the General format . By the way, the ToString method that takes no parameters assumes that the caller wants the General format . So now that format strings are out of the way, let s turn to culture information . By default, strings are formatted using the culture information associated with the calling thread . The parameterless ToString method certainly does this, and so does IFormattable s ToString if you pass null for the formatProvider parameter . Culture-sensitive information applies when you re formatting numbers (including currency, integers, floating point, percentages, dates, and times) . The Guid type has a ToString method that returns only a string representing its value . There s no need to consider a culture when generating the Guid s string because GUIDs are used for programmatic purposes only . When formatting a number, the ToString method sees what you ve passed for the formatProvider parameter . If null is passed, ToString determines the culture associated with the calling thread by reading the System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture property . This property returns an instance of the System.Globalization.CultureInfo type . Using this object, ToString reads its NumberFormat or DateTimeFormat property, depending on whether a number or date/time is being formatted . These properties return an instance of System.Globalization.NumberFormatInfo or System.Globalization. DateTimeFormatInfo, respectively . The NumberFormatInfo type defines a bunch of properties, such as CurrencyDecimalSeparator, CurrencySymbol, NegativeSign, NumberGroupSeparator, and PercentSymbol . Likewise, the DateTimeFormatInfo type defines an assortment of properties, such as Calendar, DateSeparator, DayNames, LongDatePattern, ShortTimePattern, and TimeSeparator . ToString reads these properties when constructing and formatting a string . When calling IFormattable s ToString method, instead of passing null, you can pass a reference to an object whose type implements the IFormatProvider interface:
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