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A software project is dynamic. The code changes; the design changes; the requirements change. What s more, changes in the requirements lead to more changes in the design; changes in the design lead to even more changes in the code and test cases.
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Security Essentials
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Pointer operators Indirection and address operators are related to pointer operation and have no equivalents in Java. See "Unsafe Code" in 6 for details.
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Configuring VPN Types
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Table 5-3. These Math and Rounding Functions Round Numbers Up or Down
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Log files do not need to list every single action executed in the test and underlying application. Remember the first rule above and save the verbose logging for the failure scenarios. Note: For debugging purposes, it can be beneficial to have a user-specified logging level that can allow minimal or maximal trace logging.
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As the name indicates, the Multiple Lines (Text Only) option only supports text responses. For the remaining response types, the following data types are supported:
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You can find the code to create and populate the Nums table in 2, User-Defined Functions . Turn on the Discard results after execution option in SSMS (under Query | Query Options | Results | Grid Or Text) . Now run the following code to issue a checkpoint to ensure that all dirty pages are flushed from cache to disk, and then clear the cache:
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Browsing and Editing with Registry Editor
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Data bars
In SBS, installing the Terminal Server Licensing service on the same server that is running Terminal Services is a reasonable choice, but you can also install it on the main SBS server if you prefer. If you re going to have more than a single terminal server, it makes sense to install the TS Licensing Role Service on the main SBS server or another domain controller to enable automatic discovery by all of the terminal servers. To install TS Licensing on the computer running Terminal Services, follow these steps:
Dispensing with Automatic Cookie Handling
So you ve got a spare power supply, a spare hard drive for your array, and your NICs are teamed. Is that enough Well, it puts you way ahead of many businesses, but are there any other parts that you should keep available Any other peripheral or card that you couldn t run your business without is a good candidate for a spare. Another candidate is a spare video card, though this is less critical. You can, after all, always Remote Desktop into the server if you need to, and replacement video cards are easy and quick to come by. Any other cards or peripherals that you would have problems doing without for the time it takes to get a new one to replace a failure is a good candidate for your spare-parts cabinet. We like to keep a spare network switch with a few spare network cables available. Another smart choice is to keep a spare of your DSL modem or boundary router.
Learning can be a fun activity in its own right, but merely reading about something won t make you an expert at it. I ve read a few cookbooks, but this doesn t seem to improve my cooking when I attempt it from time to time. The missing ingredient is experimentation and testing, as without these your efforts are academic, at best. With this in mind, it s essential to get into the mood of experimenting and testing from day one of using Ruby. Throughout the book, I ll ask you to try out different blocks of code and to play with them to see if you get the results you want. You ll occasionally surprise yourself, sometimes chase your code into dead ends, and often want to pull out your hair (if you have any, of course!). Whatever happens, all good programmers learn from experimentation, and you can only master a language and programming concepts by experimenting as you go along. Trust me, it s fun! This book will lead you through a forest of code and concepts, but without testing and proving the code is correct to yourself, you can quickly become lost. Use irb and the other tools I ll cover frequently, and experiment with the code as much as possible so that the knowledge will stick. Type in the following code at your irb prompt and press Enter: print "test" The result is, simply: test=> nil Logically, print "test" results in test being printed to the screen. However, the =>nil suffix is the result of your code as an expression (more about these in 3). This appears because all lines of code in Ruby are made up of expressions that return things. However, print displays data to the screen rather than return any value as an expression, so you get nil. More about this in 3. It is perfectly OK to be semi-confused about this at this stage. Let s try something else: print "2+2 is equal to" + 2 + 2 This command seems logical on the surface. If 2 + 2 is equal to 4 and you re adding that to the end of "2+2 is equal to", you should get "2+2 is equal to 4", right Unfortunately, you get this error instead: TypeError: can't convert Fixnum into String from (irb):45:in `+' from (irb):45 from :0
According to the estimated (nonparallel) execution plan for this query, 97 percent of the cost goes to the Sort operator. The complexity of SQL Server s sorting algorithm is n log2 n. For n=1,000,000, n log2 n microseconds is about 19.9 seconds, which is very close to 97 percent of the actual elapsed time.
Figure 7-5: EEAddIns at work One debugging tip with EEAddIn DLLs is that if you return E_FAIL from your function, the Watch window will display " ", so you might want to return S_OK and set the result text to " " so that your output matches the normal Watch window display. This can help you debug the DLL as well. Another tip is to consider putting failure results in the result text of your debug versions to make your debugger extensions easier to debug. Finally, if enough of us start sharing our EEAddIns, we can get much better debugging information than ever before from the IDE. I'd encourage you to look at any structures or classes you can from Win32, MFC, and ATL and see whether you can provide better output.
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