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The T-SQL commands needed to deploy the UDT and UDA in SQL Server are the same ones you used earlier, of course . When you re done experimenting with the new UDT, run the following code for cleanup:
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Figure 5-3
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Installing a Certificate on a VPN Router
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The main disadvantage of static routing is that it is a feasible means of maintaining only small routed networks. As a network grows, the administrative cost of maintaining static routes quickly outweighs the cost of implementing and maintaining a dynamic routing protocol. A second disadvantage of static routing is the lack of fault tolerance. If a route is improperly configured, connectivity is disrupted until the problem is diagnosed and fixed.
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If you cannot meet accessibility goals, consider providing alternative text-only webpages. You can use global resources to allow both accessible and nonaccessible versions of a webpage to share the same text content.
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I ll start with some fundamentals of local temporary tables before showing examples, and I ll do the same whenever discussing a new temporary object type . When referring to temporary tables in this section, assume that the discussion pertains to local ones . You create and manipulate a temporary table just as you would a permanent one, for the most part . I ll point out the aspects of temporary tables that are different from permanent ones, or aspects that are often misunderstood .
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a. Select the field name from the Field Name drop-down list. b. Select the comparison term. The available comparison terms vary depending on the type of field you ve selected. With Yes/No fields, for example, the options are Equal To, Not Equal To, Is Null, and Is Not Null. c. Select or enter a value to compare the contents of the field to. Again, the choices here might be limited based on the comparison. With Yes/No fields, the options are True or False. d. To enter additional filter criteria, select And or Or and enter a second filter statement. Click Next. 8. Indicate if you d like to limit the number of rows the data connection retrieves. You might want to do this with large databases where a sample of data is sufficient to do the analysis you need. If you choose Yes, you must enter a number of rows you want to retrieve. Click Next.
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// Set the exception address to the start of the CALL // instruction. Interestingly, I found I didn't have to set the // exception code. When you open up a .DMP file created // with this code in VS.NET, you'll see the exception code // reported as: // 0x00000000: The operation completed successfully. // warning C4312: 'type cast' : conversion from 'DWORD' // to 'PVOID' of greater size #pragma warning ( disable : 4312 ) stExRec.ExceptionAddress = (PVOID)(pCtx->Eip) ; #pragma warning ( default : 4312 ) // Set the exception pointers. stExpPtrs.ContextRecord = pCtx ; stExpPtrs.ExceptionRecord = &stExRec ; // Finally, set up the exception info structure. stExInfo.ThreadId = GetCurrentThreadId ( ) ; stExInfo.ClientPointers = TRUE ; 509
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Wow, look how great this is in terms of code maintainability! In the StringBuilder object, we re going to replace a period with an exclamation mark and then find the index of the exclamation mark .
Password hashes are plaintext equivalent. You have seen that stated several times, and it should be eminently clear by now. The secret used by the server to verify the client s identity is the same secret the client uses to prove its identity. This is true of all shared secret authentication protocols, not just those used by Windows. If a criminal manages to capture that secret, he can simply use it to prove his identity, without any knowledge of the password used to create that secret. This is a crucial point. If we can accept the fact that password hashes are plaintext equivalent the way we think about password security changes. First, we can immediately see why replacing the current NT hashes with salted ones is meaningless, because the salted ones are also plaintext equivalent. Protecting against stolen hashes with a salt is a bit like putting a band-aid on a severed limb; it is unlikely to have much impact on the actual problem. Second, we can also see that the core problem is not password hashes, but attackers with access to them. The only real, technical, solution is to move completely away from challenge-response protocols to public key protocols. However, this requires a substantial change to all platforms and is unlikely to happen anytime soon. Therefore, the real solution is to stop attackers from getting at password hashes. To do that we need to minimize the exposure of password hashes and we need to ensure that we adequately protect our authentication servers. 13 discusses these topics in depth.
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